By Andrew Poulsen

Well, here we are, celebrating the Twenty-Fifth anniversary of Doctor Who several months late! Well, that seems somehow appropriate, after all, New Zealand always seems to be behind everyone else in Doctor Whodom. However, we have had our little firsts. For instance:


New Zealand were the first country in the world (besides the UK) to screen Doctor Who. An Unearthly Child screened first in Christchurch in 1964.


TVNZ screened the World Premiere of Episodes 2 and 3 of Silver Nemesis, as they were shown in the United Kingdom on the 30th of November and the 7th of December respectively, because the BBC only screened Episode 1 on the 23rd of November, where we saw all of it two days later!

And I'm sure there are other firsts that I don't know about.

Of course, in the behind category it did take us 25 years before we started a NZ Fan Club, but I'm afraid neither Scott nor I were born in 1963, so we may have had some trouble doing anything back then!

While I'm here I'd also like to point out that this 'zine is actually two 'zines! I'm afraid we lied on your membership form, as we haven't got around to printing our second promised 'zine, this 'zine is two. Which accounts for the tight fit in the envelope. As you can see, it's fairly large. We also can't afford to print a second 'zine, maybe next year (when you've all paid your new subs!).

As you can see, we didn't get that many memories contributions. A pity, but that's okay, after all, even I didn't get the chance to sit down and write up mine. Maybe for a future issue of TSV.

Thanks to everyone that did take the time to write something for us, and I apologise to the Unknown person who didn't name their submission and we lost their envelope.

Lots of thanks must also go to Richard Scheib who did such a brilliant job of getting all the stories typed out in one day. He worked for about 26 hours with hardly a break and I really appreciate the effort he put it. Thanks Richard.

And thanks to Paul Scoones for the original concept.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, after all, you created it!

best wishes,
Andrew R. Poulsen, Editor

This item appeared in 25 Years of a Time Lord (January 1989).