By Stephen Murray

The cosmic hobo in an eccentric costume travelling in a blue police box across space and time to battle against the unknowns of the universe.

Such is the key to the most unique and successful tv series of all time... time being the magical word.

From 1963-1988 Doctor Who has passed from generation to generation and has managed to enthrall and intrigue countless viewers worldwide.


It has a format that can change as the society and the people that watch it do. It has the right combinations that make for a successful show - entertainment, action, magic, humour, escapism, strong identifiable characters.

Whether you are a five-year old spotted-nose kid, a bored housewife, a professional, a sex-crazed teenager, or your average non-thinking viewer, it has something for everyone.

That something depends on the era one fondly remembers...

  • Memories: The Sixties Wendy Toynton, Paul Scoones, Jon Preddle, Ken Todd, "Unknown", Murray Jackson, Paul Kelly, Stephen Murray
  • Memories: The Seventies "Unknown", Wendy Toynton, Paul Kelly, Paul Scoones, Scott Walker, Stephen Murray, Ken Tod, Murray Jackson
  • Memories: The Eighties Murray Jackson, Paul Scoones, Ken Tod, Scott Walker, Wendy Toynton, Paul Kelly, Stephen Murray

This item appeared in 25 Years of a Time Lord (January 1989).