Glory of the Daleks

TSV Book written by Christopher Owen © 1992

England, 1901 - and the Doctor and Ace arrive at the Berkshire manor house of Sir Arthur Cartwright, an old acquaintance, for a relaxing holiday in the country.

As always, however, any anticipated peace and tranquillity is soon interrupted by an increasing number of alarming events. Members of the British gentry disappearing inexplicably one by one... Scimitar-wielding Arab assassins in the gardens of an English country estate... And Rama, a mysterious and amazing Egyptian stage magician in London, who suddenly performs the ultimate disappearing act...

In a hectic chase to find the answers to these elements of a larger mystery which has been brewing for over two thousand years, the Doctor encounters some old friends from a past life... and some ancient enemies from times beyond...

Events head inevitably towards an apocalyptic climax as each group struggles for possession of an almost uncontrollably powerful device from the depths of Dalek history...


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