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The Space Museum

Article Series
A Collection of Doctor Who Oddities - noting appearances and mentions of Doctor Who outside the programme.


Online items

'D' is for Dalek - TSV 22
The mysterious appearance of a Dalek in a childrens' book
Doctor Tattoo! - TSV 23
A tattooist using the name "Dr Who"
The Dalek Invasion of the Dictionary - TSV 23
The entry for Dalek in the Oxford English Dictionary
Supermum! - TSV 24
An appearance of Doctor Who in a song
The Space Museum - TSV 25
  • The Cabbage Patch Fib, by Paul Jennings
  • Oh Paul
The Space Museum - TSV 26
  • "The Doctor's Washcloth", Science Fiction on TV
  • "The Thrust of Technology", A Social History of England, by A. Briggs
  • Daleks in the Garden
  • Small animal section of Hilldale Zoo Park, Hamilton
  • Excalibur
  • "I Believe in Batman", by Jo & Murray Cramp
  • Health poster, Auckland Community AIDS Services
  • Video Howl-around, Readers Digest How is it Done?
The Space Museum - TSV 27
  • compost article, Listener 27 January 1992
  • The Night Maze, by Annie Dalton
  • "Does Your Cat Watch TV?" by Jane Kelly, New Zealand Woman's Weekly 30 December 1991
  • Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game
  • Sticky Moments
  • Kerrang multi-choice quiz
The Space Museum - TSV 28
  • Robot by Peter Grimwade
  • Sale of the Century
  • "One of These Days", Pink Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder
  • The Very Best of Ben Elton
  • Waiting for God episode 2
  • Excalibur issue 1
  • Cricketlife magazine
  • Juniper by Gene Kemp
  • "Mist", Tales From Another Now by Gaelyn Gordon
  • "The dialetics have been exterminated", National Business Review
  • Shelley
The Space Museum - TSV 29
  • "Culprits - or, Where are they Now?", Interzone magazine
  • "fashion items ready for revival", The Face magazine
  • Punch magazine
  • Portakabin advert, Sunday Times Magazine
The Space Museum - TSV 30
  • "Low Intensity Conflict the Dalek way", New Internationalist magazine
  • Skymaze, by Gillian Rubenstein
  • "Dr Why", Scripture Union Media video listing
The Space Museum - TSV 31
  • The Telecom Corporation of New Zealand 1991 Annual Report
  • Iron Maiden's Somewhere in Time
  • Radio Active Accommodation Guide
  • "Doctor Who and the Terror of the Horror of the Evil of the Planet of the Plastic Doodads", The Southern Cross Herald
  • The Twenty/Twenty Quiz Book by Barbara Gilgallon and Sue Samuels
  • Frog Day Afternoon, by Marcus L Rowland
  • The Object to the Attack, by J G Ballard
  • Maze Wars+
  • Jeopardy
  • The Punisher No.15
  • The Goodies
  • All the World's a Globe
  • "Kola Kommandos", 2000AD, Prog 780
The Space Museum - TSV 33
  • "Space Spot", Spaceways - An Anthology of Space Poems edited by John Foster
  • "Who Loves Doctor Who the Most", Rip it Up magazine
  • Max Media, NZ Herald
  • Tardis Motors
  • The Fabulous Singlettes
  • 'Nothing to hold me', Jesus Jones' Doubt
  • Julian Clary's NZ tour
  • "Orgy Porgy", Club International, Vol.12 No.8
  • Bleep! Whoopee Comic
  • Mary Lighthouse, Oink
  • The Anti-Gravity Handbook
  • Wordfinder by Adele Geras
  • "Look what Father Christmas brought us last year!", The Illustrated London News Christmas Number
  • Prince, Mobil Masterpiece Theatre
  • A Bit of Fry and Laurie
  • The Cat Who Walks Through Walls: A Comedy of Manners, by Robert A. Heinlein
  • The Goodies, U-Friend or UFO?
  • "How to be an Adventurer (A short guide)", Warlock Fighting Fantasy Magazine No 4
  • Girls on Top, British TV comedy
  • Goofy Adventures No.1
The Space Museum - TSV 34
  • Home Sweet Home by Judy Johnson, Home Beautiful magazine, December 1978.
  • The Ley of the Land - An Investigation of Ancient Monuments by Graham Staplehurst, White Dwarf
  • "Who is thy neighbour", The Graffiti File by Nigel Rees
  • Fantasy Battles, GM issue 4
  • The Alien World
  • The UFO Encyclopaedia
  • 'New Singles' review column, Smash Hits
  • "Virtual reality", TV 1 news
  • "Who Reads Magnet", Wellington Polytechnic's Student Handbook, 1993
  • Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers by Grant Naylor
  • Whizzer & Chips
  • "Pupil Hanged after Video Row", International Express
  • "Contact has been made", Public Domain issue 7
  • Nightmare, With Angel by Stephen Gallagher
  • Burke's Backyard Wizard of Christchurch feature
  • More Auntie's Bloomers
  • "Hyperspace School for Time-Travellers", Tutankhamun is a Bit of a Mummy's Boy ... and 50 Other Unpublished School Reports by Michael Coleman
  • TV Watch, TV Guide, April 16
  • Dalek cover and letter, Salient 1993
The Space Museum - TSV 35
  • Dave Dobbyn's Lament for the Numb review, NZ Herald, 20 August 1993
  • Canned Carrott
  • G.B.H. TV series
  • "Television Trivia Teasers" by Liz Watson, TV Guide
  • In Search of the Trojan War by Michael Wood
  • The Young Ones
  • "Alexei Sayle on being a minor celebrity", London Observer, 14 February 1993
  • Fibreglass house builder, Evening Post newspaper, 20 July 1993
  • Robotic surgery, NZ Herald, 11 August 1993.
The Space Museum - TSV 36
  • The Children's Annual Collection Guide, by A Clark
  • On This Day: The History of the World in 366 Days
  • Obsession by Ramsey Campbell
  • TV Watch, TV Guide, 25 May 1990
  • Wizard of Christchurch debearded, NZ Herald, 10 November 1993
  • Television Trivia Teasers by Liz Watson, TV Guide, 24 September 1993
  • "Tom Baker's TARDIS Drinking Game", How To Be A Real Man by Mark Leigh, Mike Lepine and Julian Clary
  • Vurfing the Gwrx by Mike Scott Rohan, Peter Davison's Book of Alien Monsters
  • "Daleks are Back", North Shore Times Advertiser, 9 November 1993
  • Dodger the Dalek, NZ Woman's Weekly 1964
  • Prop game, Whose Line is it Anyway?
  • "Potter hits out at BBC "Croaking Daleks", Weekly Telegraph newspaper No.112
  • Eyespeak poll, Salient
  • Craccum 5 October 1993
  • The Pink Panther Book No. 2
  • The Black Balek, Creepy Comix, Big Comic Fortnightly No.107