Romana was standing at a bench in the TARDIS storage room, with the two segments of the Key to Time in front of her. Where were the other four pieces hidden, she wondered, and what would be the cost of recovering them?

The Doctor bustled into the room and strode straight up to the bench. ‘Right! Let's put these two together and go and find the third.’ He picked up one of the segments and made several bumbling attempts to fit it with the other. ‘Oh! Err - I see...’

‘Here, let me do it,’ said his impatient assistant, and took the segments.


Romana correctly meshed the segments together in moments. ‘I used to be rather good at puzzles.’

‘Puzzles?’ said the aggrieved Doctor. ‘You wouldn't call that a puzzle, would you?’

‘No, hardly complex enough to be called a puzzle, is it?’ she replied superciliously.

‘Certainly isn't,’ mumbled the humbled Doctor.

‘Look - shouldn't we be getting on? We've only got two segments. Why don't you go and find out where our next destination is.’

‘Right!’ The Doctor was nearly out of the storeroom when he realised that he was following her suggestions instead of making his own. He paused. ‘Romana - I've just decided to go and find out where our next destination is.’ He walked to the console and activated the Tracer - a set of coordinates flashed across a display screen.

‘Well?’ called out Romana, from the storage room, where she was putting the segments back into the old fridge that wasn't a fridge.

The Doctor began to beam from ear to ear. ‘Have I got a treat in store for you, Romana.’


‘Oh, yes!’

‘Better than Calufrax, I hope.’

‘Oh, much better than Calufrax. You'll love it. I promise you, you'll love it!’ The Doctor had good cause to smile - they were headed for one of his favourite planets, which they had actually just saved from destruction - Earth!

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