Author's Note

There are just five stories which do not appear in the Target series of Doctor Who novelisations. Adaptations of four of these - The Pirate Planet, City of Death, Shada and Revelation of the Daleks - have previously been published by TSV and this book completes the set.

I began writing this novelisation in 1989 and, after many stops and starts, the first draft was completed in 1992. My plans to publish the book were then abandoned when news began circulating of a forthcoming adaptation of the story by its writer, Eric Saward.

The non-existent Target novelisation of Resurrection of the Daleks was apparently at first delayed due to a disagreement between Eric Saward and the publishers over payment to Terry Nation for the use of the Daleks. This apparently prevented the book's publication for many years. In the early nineties Saward agreed to adapt the story for Target owners, Virgin Publishing but the delivery was repeatedly delayed. In 1996 Virgin proposed that another author, Paul Leonard, take on the adaptation, but Saward apparently vetoed this. The loss of Virgin's Doctor Who book publishing licence in 1997 has made it highly improbable that an official novelisation will now eventuate. For this reason, I have resurrected this adaptation and committed it to print ten years after I first began work on the prologue.

Readers may notice influences within these pages from the novelisation of Remembrance of the Daleks by Ben Aaronovitch, a book which provided a frequent source of inspiration.

Thanks are due to Jon Preddle who has been very encouraging about this project over the years. Jon transcribed the story from video for me and supplied BBC rehearsal scripts which have enabled me to reinstate segments cut from the broadcast version. I am also grateful to Phillip J. Gray for both providing a very thorough critique and giving the manuscript a much-needed ‘final polish’. David Bishop, Neil Lambess, Chris Mander, David Ronayne, Peter Adamson and Rochelle Thickpenny are all deserving of mention for providing help and constructive feedback at some point over the years. Thanks are also due to Alistair Hughes for his brilliant work on the cover.

For me, the publication of this book is a significant event as it marks the conclusion of my personal goal to have a novelisation of every Doctor Who television story sitting on my shelf. When I began collecting the Target books twenty years ago, little did I realise that I would have to finish the job myself!

Paul Scoones
November 1999