Doctor Who and Shada

Author's Notes by Paul Scoones

Chapter 10: Shada

The chapter is a patchwork of script and video scenes. Every second or third scene is set in the Professor's room and therefore exists on video. The remainder of the scenes, set variously on the Krarg carrier ship, the TARDIS and Shada itself, only exit in the script. The Doctor and company appear and disappear off screen as they enter and leave the Professor's room.

When the Doctor, Chris and K9 arrive in the Professor's room, I have inserted a line from the script in which Chronotis says, ‘We came to the right place. Good. I'm so pleased.’

Later in the same scene, when Clare asks about Skagra the Doctor responds on screen ‘Shhh. Not so loud. He's right outside...’, but I have opted to go with the line as scripted in which the Doctor says ‘Out there in the ship,’ as this is more accurate given that according to the script the Krargs but not Skagra are ‘right outside’. Of course this may have been changed had the scene outside the Professor's rooms been recorded.

Chronotis' insistence that Skagra ‘must be stopped’ is reinstated from the script. On screen it appears as if Tom Baker cuts off Denis Carey before he could complete his line. There's another reinstated line near the end of this sequence where the Doctor wonders why he has forgotten about Shada that again is in the script but not on screen.

In the next scene in the Professor's room, on screen it's Clare who says that they must stop Skagra from getting to Shada, but I've opted to go with the script version which has Chronotis start to say this and the Doctor finishing the line.

The recorded scene in which the Doctor, Chronotis and K9 leave the Professor's room differs slightly from the script version, and here the novelisation follows the video as there's essentially no missing dialogue; just a rearrangement and reassigning of certain lines.

When Clare and Chris are left alone in the Professor's room, the on screen dialogue is fairly close to what appears in the script (suggesting that Tom Baker's influence on the script only extended to rewriting scenes in which he appeared), though there is a line of dialogue in the script that is omitted at the end of the recorded scene, after Clare reveals that the Professor did something to her mind: ‘There's something very strange about him.’ This line is missing from all previous editions of the novelisation but has been added for this ebook version.

The members of Skagra's band of twelve prisoners are never named in the script. Their identities are derived from the cast list of extras that were due to take part in scenes that were never recorded. The names on the cast list were: Lucretia Borgia, Boedicia, Lady Macbeth, Salome, Executioner (or ‘A Hangman’), Rasputin, Nero, A Gladiator, Genghis Khan and three ‘Space Monsters’. These three space monsters were reportedly going to be a Dalek, a Cyberman and a Zygon. What's particularly odd about this line-up is that all but the last three are humans from Earth history. Why they have ended up incarcerated in a Time Lord prison is never explained. I considered replacing these individuals in the novelisation with a group of criminals whose crimes would be of more interest to the Time Lords but ultimately I decided to remain true to what was apparently intended for the television production, and wrote a brief description of each famous figure's notoriety to help justify their presence. (Arguably it's no less absurd than the similar conceit in Time and the Rani, in which the Rani kidnaps various intellectuals from Earth history).

The conclusion of this chapter marks the end of Part Five.

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