Doctor Who and Shada

Author's Notes by Paul Scoones

Chapter 12: Battle of the Minds

Almost everything in this chapter is adapted from the script. There's just a couple of short recorded scenes which come from the video: one in the Professor's rooms near the beginning of the chapter, and another near the end where Skagra finds himself imprisoned in his own ship's brig.

The last couple of paragraphs, in which the Doctor thinks about all the ‘clearing up’ that has to be done, are my own invention. It was an opportunity to remove any doubt in readers' minds that the Doctor might leave Skagra with a fully functional time-travelling ship. This wrap-up section remains largely unchanged from the 1989 edition.

I briefly considered writing a sequence in which the Doctor restores the prisoners' minds and takes them back to Shada, but decided that if the TV story could get by without dramatising these events, then so could the novelisation.

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