Doctor Who and Shada

Author's Notes by Paul Scoones


The material with the policeman and Wilkin going to the Professor's rooms and finding everyone there was all recorded. The first two lines (‘Stolen a room?’; ‘That is the only way I can describe it’) as the policeman and Wilkin cross the courtyard on location were too indistinct on the fan video copy used for the 1989 edition, so these lines were only added to the 1991 edition once I had a copy of the scripts.

The Doctor reads aloud from a book in this sequence. When I wrote the 1989 and 1991 editions I didn't know the source of this quote. The Discontinuity Guide put me on to the source, as Dickens' The Old Curiosity Shop, so I took the opportunity to mention this when I came to revise the text for the 2001 edition. The reading isn't in the script, and was most likely added by Tom Baker, being a self-confessed fan of Dickens. The extent of the Doctor's own appreciation for Dickens, and The Old Curiosity Shop in particular, is later revealed in The Unquiet Dead.

The Doctor's line ‘Well Professor, this is all very pleasant, but I think it's time Romana and I were on our way’ comes from the script and isn't present in the recorded scene.

The policeman's final line isn't in the script and only appears in the recorded scene, and caused some confusion when Jon was transcribing the recorded scenes for the 1989 edition, as neither of us was familiar with the term ‘bridewell’. We later discovered that this was another term for a police station, but initially we were unsure if we'd heard the line correctly.

The final scene of the novelisation, in the TARDIS console room, was also intended to be the final scene of the TV story. As with all other TARDIS scenes from this story, this sequence was not recorded and the dialogue comes from the script.

In the 1989 edition the material which now appears in the Epilogue was all part of the last chapter. That edition did have an epilogue, but this was an additional TARDIS scene of my own invention. This was intended to echo the opening TARDIS scene I'd created for the beginning of Chapter 1. This time it's the Doctor not Romana who changes clothes and again I established a direct connection with the adjacent television story - in this case the opening of The Leisure Hive. I was particularly pleased with my rationale that the Doctor had changed his outfit because he didn't like being mistaken for a Cambridge student. This sequence was removed from the 1991 edition and the current Epilogue formed in its place.

Here's the full text of the Epilogue from the 1989 edition:

A short while later, Romana came into the Console Room and found it devoid of the Doctor's usual presence. ‘Where's the Doctor?’ she asked K9.

‘He went to change in the wardrobe room, Mistress.’ It occurred to K9's computer memory that he had said this exact same thing to the Doctor about Romana not so very long ago, but he instantly dismissed this as unimportant trivia.

‘The Doctor change?’ asked Romana disbelievingly. ‘Into what? Have you ever known him to wear anything else?’ The question wasn't really put to anyone in particular, but K9 answered it anyway.

‘Negative, Mistress.’

She moved to the console, and checked the readings. ‘These aren't randomized coordinates - they're on a set pattern!’

‘Affirmative Mistress. Master disconnected the Randomiser,’ K9 informed her.

Before Romana could question the wisdom of this action - especially seeing as the TARDIS had now made several journeys without it and the Black Guardian could be close behind - the inner door burst open, and the Doctor entered, happily humming the tune ‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’.

His arms were laden down with a deckchair, a bucket and spade, and a brightly-coloured beach-ball. He dumped these on the floor of the Console Room, and straightened up, beaming.

‘I like your change of outfit,’ remarked Romana. ‘Very smart.’

‘Thank you,’ replied the Doctor, pleased. He was wearing a long flowing coat that almost reached his ankles, coloured a deep burgundy shade of red. His trousers, socks and shoes all matched the coat, but his shirt was white, with a stylishly wide triangular-cut collar, a single black question-mark embroidered on each side of the collar.

‘So what brought this on?’ she asked, still referring to his change of outfit.

‘Oh, nothing,’ replied the Doctor innocently. ‘Just a whim.’ The truth of the matter was that he rarely did anything on a whim. He hadn't liked the way he'd been taken for a student because of his untidy appearance at Cambridge, so had decided to make some changes. There were some things, though, that he wasn't about to give up easily.

Digging into his deep pockets, he withdrew first a felt, wide-brimmed hat, much like his old one, except coloured burgundy, and then a replacement scarf - still just as long, but this time in a pleasing combination of burgundy and purple, rather than a mixture of many colours.

Romana gave a mock groan as he donned these essential additions to his attire, and then turned her attention to the console. ‘Where are we going?’ she asked.

The Doctor looked perplexed. ‘Don't you remember?’

‘No I'm afraid I don't,’ she admitted.

‘Brighton Pavilion!’ he exclaimed cheerfully. ‘You'd better go and get changed. Our holiday is about to begin.’

It was indeed. The TARDIS would soon be landing at Brighton, but unfortunately for the Doctor, it would be many years too late for the opening of the Pavilion. He would have to content himself with a snooze on the beach, but more dangers were to follow in the Leisure Hive on Argolis...

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