Doctor Who and Shada

Author's Notes by Paul Scoones

Chapter 7: The Krargs

Shada is structured a little bit like two three-part stories, at least in the sense that the first three episodes all take place primarily in Cambridge, both in terms of locations and interiors. Once the story hits the mid-way point though Cambridge is left behind and the action moves out into space.

With the departure from Cambridge the ratio of recorded to unrecorded material alters dramatically and there are just a couple of brief recorded scenes with dialogue from this chapter: the segment with Chris and K9 in Skagra's ship's prison cell at the beginning (so brief that it's dispensed with in the chapter's opening paragraph), and the scene in the Professor's rooms with the Professor and Clare at the end of the chapter. This latter scene follows the onscreen version; in the script the sequence ends without the offer of tea, and Clare being terrified at the Professor's sudden appearance.

I swapped out two scenes between this chapter and the next, bringing forward a scene with the Doctor and Chris discussing Shada to flow seamlessly on from another scene with these characters (the scene begins in the script with the Doctor's line ‘Well, wherever it is, we're going there.’). This replaced a scene with Romana and Skagra, relocated to form the opening of the following chapter. This re-sequencing - of which there's more in the following chapter - was done for the 2001 edition.

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