Doctor Who and Shada

Author's Notes by Paul Scoones

Chapter 9: Skagra's Plan

In the opening sequence as the Doctor, Chris and K9 make their escape from the doomed Think Tank station, K9 has some lines in the video version which don't appear in the novelisation, saying ‘Danger, Doctor, danger’ three times. The lines don't appear in the script and have been added as part of the post-production work for the BBC Video release. The fact that K9 uncharacteristically says ‘Doctor’ rather than ‘Master’ suggests to me that these lines were invented for the video release.

The video version of the scene with Clare and Chronotis in the Professor's room is missing a few lines present in the script, which I've reinstated. One of the missing lines has Chronotis mentioning Shada and Salyavin, which makes sense of Clare's on screen unprompted question about Salyavin. The scene ends on screen with Clare saying ‘Well let's do that then, shall we?’ The script continues beyond this point with a few extra lines.

The scenes set in Skagra's ship and aboard the Krarg carrier were not recorded and are therefore adapted from the script.

For the 2001 edition I swapped around the running order of two scenes - the last scene of this chapter and the first scene of chapter 10 - so that I could merge these into longer sequences.

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