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On Prime: Monsters and Aliens

Monsters and aliens in the new series include:

  • The Autons (shop front dummies) controlled by the Nestene Consciousness - first appeared in Doctor Who in the Seventies, have been brought up to date for a 21st century audience.
  • Moxx of Balhoon, a diminutive blue-skinned creature supported by and transported on an antigravity chair.
  • The Forest of Cheem is a collective Trees, Jabe, Lute and Coffa - humanoid creatures grown from wood sprouting branches and leaves.
  • The Face of Boe, an alien head held in a steam-driven, fluidic life-support tank.
  • Daleks - the Doctor's arch-enemies have a fierce cry of "exterminate" that strikes fear into the heart of our legendary hero.
  • Slitheen is an eight feet tall, thick tube of solid, wet, green flesh.
  • The Gelth are gaseous aliens.

[Added Note: The Slitheen would be more accurately described as bipedal creatures with baby-like faces. They are indeed eight-foot-tall and green though.]

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