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On Prime: What the UK press said

"...Nothing less than a technical and theatrical triumph." Daily Mirror.

"...The new show looks better than anyone dared to hope. Fast, funny, scary and beautifully acted." Financial Times.

"...An instant smash for the Beeb." Daily Star.

"...It's been a long time coming, but it's worth the wait." Nigel Andrew, Daily Mail.

"...The new Doctor Who is completely great and I enjoyed it enormously. Christopher Eccleston brings new depth and intensity to the Time Lord, Billie Piper's Rose is sweet, feisty and likeable, the SFX don't look remotely like a primary school project, Mark Benton's in it...Russell T Davies hasn't suddenly become a bad writer...just sit back and enjoy." Kathryn Flett, Observer.

"...I was hooked from the outset. The whole thing was stuffed with in-jokes. The scripts send up everything from the Daleks to the average sci-fi fan's credulous suspension of disbelief. The special effects are a pleasing combination of state-of-the-art CGI and the sort of lo-fi gimmickry Dr Who fans would demand." Tim Dowling, Guardian.

"...Quality. Brilliant." News of the World.

"...It is not only scarier but camper, funnier and visually more spectacular than any of its predecessors. The casting of the new show is also inspired." Jaci Stephens, Mail on Sunday.

"...Slick, pacy and witty - the new Dr Who is a great hit...scripts bursting with imaginative new ideas while deftly harking back to the faintly mocking, anarchic spirit of Sydney Newman's original concept. A talented writer has teamed up with talented actors and technicians to tell a ripping good yarn - an outlandish yarn, for sure, but enthralling." Michael Leapman, Daily Mail.

"...This is the first time I won't be rooting for the Daleks." David Chater, The Times.

"This ninth incarnation is definitely the sexiest of the docs so far. Based on this one episode he looks like he could be the best." Sharon Marshall, Daily Star.

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