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By Paul Scoones

"Hello, I'm the Doctor..."

No, only joking, but this definitely is Number One of the only New Zealand based Doctor Who fan journal, Time Space Visualiser, so-named, because it was the device William Hartnell's Doctor used to see scenes from any time or place he wished. Rather appropriate, I think.

This issue was published and written by only two of us. I am Paul Scoones, and my co-editor is Paul Sinkovich. Although, as you will notice, I have written most of this issue, Number Two is planned as more of an equal effort on the writing front, and you, the reader, are warmly invited to send in your reviews and articles for publication. Indeed, it would lighten the workload on us, and secure more issues over a length of time.

Being hard-working (!?) University students, the time we can spend on TSV is somewhat limited, hence the September release date for Number Two.

You've probably also noticed the proportionately large number of book/ story reviews this issue. This is partly to provoke some sort of comment from you, the reader, in the hope that we can include a 'feedback' letters page in Number Two. Note also the extended attack on The Trial of a Time Lord, and especially Slipback, the two reviews on which, incidentally, were written independently of each other, and not, as you might be inclined to suspect, a blatant rewording of the same basic opinion.

Is this the inaugural issue of many to come, or something more modest? Only time will tell...

This item appeared in TSV 1 (July 1987).