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Doctor's Dilemma

By Jon Preddle

Only two questions this month.

David Wood of Upper Riccarton asks: Did any of the Doctors have a companion named Jenny?

The answer is yes, but it wasn't a TV Doctor. Jenny appeared in the 1974 stage play Doctor Who and the Daleks - Seven Keys to Doomsday, written by Terrance Dicks. The Doctor was played by Trevor Martin. Jenny, incidentally, was portrayed by none other than Wendy Padbury who, five years earlier, had played Zoe Herriot with the Patrick Troughton Doctor. (See Peter Haining's The Key to Time, page 140).

The other question is... Why was K9's stun beam blue in The Sun Makers when it was usually red?

Er, unless I'm colour-blind, K9's stun beam in this story was red! I looked through the story on fast-forward but couldn't find any blue beam. Can you be specific as to when the blue beam appeared?

This item appeared in TSV 10 (December 1988).

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