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By Jon Preddle

Although we are all familiar with the opening title sequences, some of the earlier serials had specially filmed graphics to enhance the story:

The War Machines featured a recap of the previous cliffhanger, and flashed up computer-style writing, in black-and-white, with the episode number exploding on screen in time with the theme music.

The Tenth Planet featured the story credits as if they were being typed across the screen.

The Web of Fear utilised footage of cells dividing for the end credits.

The Seeds of Death featured a space scene with the Earth and moon over which the titles were shown.

The Space Pirates simply has a blank white screen with the title captions flashing up in black following the recap.

The War Games had huge lettering superimposed over battle scenes - a missile scream would herald the episode number and the start of the episode action.

Every story of the seventh season had different titles:

Spearhead from Space had the titles zooming from the distance to the foreground.

The second story was Doctor Who and the Silurians, the first and only time the programme name was used in the titles (although The Gunfighters did feature "Next Episode - Dr Who and the Savages").

The Ambassadors of Death had the opening titles play up to the Doctor Who logo, a fade-to-black, leading into the recap, then back to the title sequence with the story title 'The Ambassadors' appearing, then 'Of Death' in a larger font would slam onto the screen accompanied by the appropriate music.

Inferno utilised stock footage of a volcano erupting over which the captions would dissolve (incidentally this same footage appeared in The Enemy of the World, The War Games and The Time Monster).

This item appeared in TSV 10 (December 1988).

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