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Doctor's Dilemma

By Jon Preddle

Jon Preddle, our resident Doctor Who expert tries to answer club members' questions and talk his way out of some of the serious logic faults that occur in Doctor Who.

As Nigel Flockhart pointed out in the Letters' pages of TSV10, I didn't really give a brilliant explanation concerning Terradon.

So, to cut a long story short...

A Terradonian colony ship crashes on Alzarius (enroute to an unspecified destination) killing all on board. The Marshmen rise from the swamps and enter the ship adapting quickly to this new environment. Forty generations later they have evolved into a human form and have learned how to operate the Starliner, which they now believe to be theirs. The one thing they do not know is how to pilot the ship - hence the delays in taking off. So, Nefred's dying words are "We cannot return to Terradon - because we have never been there." Terradon does exist, and the key word being "return". Since they are evolved Marshmen and not Terradonians they can hardly 'return' to a place which they have never been to - as Nefred said. Yes, Terradon is a planet in E-Space, so when Adric revealed his wish to go "home to Terradon" (and therefore meaning a trip through another CVE) he is merely stating a desire to go to the planet that his forefathers came from. The Starliner didn't necessarily go to Terradon - the Deciders did suggest finding another planet to colonise - after all that was the ship's original function.

I hope that explains it clearly, Nigel. I suggest that you read the novel by Andrew Smith. He expands upon the crash of the Terradon ship in the Prologue, and on pages 119 to 120 he explains what I have said above in more detail.

This item appeared in TSV 11 (January 1989).

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