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By Andrew Poulsen

Well, here we are again. Yet another issue of TSV. In fact, this issue is the NZDWFC's fifth issue of TSV, making it our sixth regular publication (remember our first 20 page newsletter?). That's almost a year of working on newsletters and zines. Only a year?! It seems like a life-time! But, it has been absolutely GREAT!

So, to celebrate how good it's been, LET'S PARTY!!!

In the last couple of months Scott and I have been gearing up to get things really moving into our second year (see the article on CLUB NEWS later in this issue). So, to celebrate the first anniversary of the NZDWFC we are holding a party in Chch around the end of February or the beginning of March.

Anyway, all the Christchurch based things do little to change TSV, however, next issue TSV will regenerate again! (At this rate we'll have to close down in 10 years time, with our last regeneration!)

Yes, we're debuting a new format, and some surprises that we won't go into now, because then they wouldn't be a surprise, would they? Unfortunately, I'll still be the editor, so there's nothing REALLY drastic happening, sorry!

Scott and I had a wonderful time in Wellington at New Years, we attended Stormforce 7's first birthday party. The hospitality was great and we really enjoyed ourselves, thanks guys. Stormforce 7 is New Zealand's only Blake's Seven club, and they've got a lot in common with us. They're the first "Second Generation" NZ science fiction club, with us being the second. See the ad later in this issue for more on them.

You received 25 Years Of A Time Lord with this copy of TSV, we apologise for the delay, but, not being professional, everything has to be done in our spare time, which hasn't been much lately.

On a more serious note, I would like to ask everyone that hasn't written anything for TSV to do so. As we've said before, TSV is a growing `zine, but we need more contributions from you folks. So, write a short story, or an article, or even a Letter Of Comment. We'll consider everything. It can be about anything, a story review, a book review (even old books, remember our Merchandise Past column), your theories on anything, be it why the Doctor left Gallifrey, who the Master is, whether Susan really was the Doctor's Grandchild, whatever. We're always after articles. Have a go! Remember, this club is what you make it, and currently, that is THE number one science fiction club in New Zealand, and that's not a line, that's a fact! We have the largest membership and biggest club `zine in NZ, let's keep it that way!

Anyway, must go, Catch you next issue,

Andrew R. Poulsen

This item appeared in TSV 11 (January 1989).