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Evolution Theory for Alien Beings in Doctor Who

By Andrew Tarr

IN GENERAL: Most alien beings in Doctor Who are human, or at least humanoid. My theory is that all human aliens (Thals, Savateem, Kaleds, etc.) are descended from a common ancestor (note that this could also apply to the Time Lords and the like) or originally come from Earth itself. Other humanoid monsters, lizards, etc., all have very similar skeletal structure to the human form, so would appear to be on similar evolutionary paths to that which has now evolved into humans.

TIME LORDS: My theory is that Time Lords are the direct descendants of the common ancestor of all humans. I came to this theory, whilst consulting several books on the subject, which all state the evolution is not only a natural process, but is also a matter of choice. Therefore, eons ago, a genius among the predecessors, decided that he would evolve his brain and physical state beyond that of his contemporaries. He and his descendants practised vigorous exercises for brain and body. Probably somewhere along the line they tampered with their bodies, but I suggest, that because Time Lords brains are large, they need extra blood supply, which explains their need for the extra heart. The other theory I have for the second heart, is to sustain the stress of regeneration.

DALEKS: Daleks were originally Human-like creatures called Kaleds. A Kaled scientist called Davros mutated them purposely, himself being the first step towards a Dalek. The first Daleks, outside the robot-like travel machine probably had limited mobility. But as they adapted to their travel machines they lost that ability. Davros made the Daleks nasty, but as the Daleks are practically unkillable, being cooped up in that shell doesn't do anything to help their temper.

DALEK REPRODUCTION: Daleks are probably sterile, and even if they aren't, their genetic bodies obviously can't get close enough to mate, so other Daleks must either be cloned, or they have special machinery to take blood cells from Daleks and combine two types of tissues, to make 'new blood'.

THE DALEK TRAVEL MACHINE: The robot-like exterior, contrary to the Exegesis on The Daleks, I think is marvellous. They can run over any fairly flat surface, even up hills. Their eyesight is the equal to any humans, as are their ears. It is only their lack of imagination that has led to the Doctor and his friends from being found in hiding and "exterminated".

THE CYBERMEN: Cybermen were humans or humanoids whose bodies started dying, and so the gradually replaced all their body parts with machines. As they lost their organic parts they lost all feeling and emotion. This trait was shown in Four to Doomsday as well. The Cybermen must have been cruel to begin with, because I think that if they were good, then they would still be good, without feelings.

This item appeared in TSV 11 (January 1989).