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By Jon Preddle

Further to Trivia in TSV 8, here are more occasions in which the regular cast took holidays and thus did not appear in episodes:

The Doctor (William Hartnell) was not seen in The Time Meddler episode 2, nor in episodes 2 and 3 of The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve (in which Hartnell was also playing the role of the Abbott).

The Doctor was again absent in episode 3 of The Savages and episode 3 of The Tenth Planet. Dodo was absent for episodes 3 and 4 of The War Machines. She only appeared briefly in episode 2.

During the Patrick Troughton era, the new Doctor was not seen in episode 2 of The Web of Fear, or episode 4 of The Seeds of Death, while both Jamie and Victoria didn't appear in The Enemy of the World episode 4. Anneke Wills was on holiday for episode 4 of The Power of the Daleks. Zoe and Jamie were not in episodes 3 and 7 (respectively) of The Invasion.

The Mind Robber part one ends with the disintegration of the TARDIS and the actors clinging to each other. In the opening moments of The Invasion (the following story), the actors are in the same positions, which implies that the entire adventure in the Land of Fiction may well have been only a shared dream...

Anagrams have been used frequently in the series. Here are some examples:

Drashigs (the monsters in Carnival of Monsters) is "dish rags".
Dastari (The Two Doctors) is "A Tardis".
Sidrat, (the capsules used in The War Games) is simply TARDIS spelled backwards!
The original name of the villain in The Three Doctors was to have been Ohm, which is 'Who' back to front and upside down!

In order to disguise the fact that the Master is in the story, Anthony Ainley used anagrams of his name in the Radio Times listings - Neil Toynay (Castrovalva), Leon Niy Tay (Time-Flight), James Stoker (which is an anagram of Master's Joke - The King's Demons). The Master has used aliases too - Tremas (The Keeper of Traken), and Sir Gilles Estram (The King's Demons).

During the Pertwee era, we heard the voice of Jon Pertwee as a radio newsreader in Inferno, Nicholas Courtney as the announcer for BBC 3 in The Dæmons and director Michael Bryant as the DJ in The Sea Devils.

The Tenth Season was to have featured a new title music score and it was in fact put onto episodes already filmed. It was however decided that it was not very good and was removed - but on some overseas prints of Carnival of Monsters episode 2, the new score is still intact!

Although The Time Warrior novel is credited to Terrance Dicks, actually Robert Holmes had started the book, but couldn't complete it. Dicks stepped in to finish it. The only section that was written by Holmes is the Prologue!

This item appeared in TSV 11 (January 1989).

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