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By Andrew Poulsen

Well, hello again everyone. Hopefully this issue is slightly more on time than the last one. And yes, that was our fault, not NZ Post's (for a change!).

Why was TSV 12 posted three weeks late do I hear you ask? Well, TSV was actually pretty ready to be printed just before Easter. However, I had forgotten that our printer, Debbie Ogier, was flying up to Auckland to attend Conscience `89 (see reviews later in issue) and would be spending an extra week in Auckland on holiday. Fine, we thought. We can get it printed as soon as she gets back, just in time for distribution before the Christchurch Chapter meeting. However, as soon as Debs got back, she explained that she had some urgent work to take care of (or the IRS would be after her!) and couldn't do it for at least a week. Okay, fine, thought we, and proceeded to ring people about the Chapter meeting, as TSV wouldn't be out in time. One week stretched to two and then three. Shane Hanify (who wasn't even a member at the time) volunteered to help me print it on the Monday of Anzac weekend. So it was printed Monday morning, and we then had a wild collation party in the evening. At this point may I apologise to anyone with pages in upside down or missing. One (or two) of our collators got a little merry and wasn't (weren't) concentrating on what he (they) was (were) doing too much. So, if anything in your TSV 12 is wrong, please return it and we'll correct it. (And next time we're collating Nick, please finish collating before you get p***ed!) Anyway, around 10pm we were all reasonably happy, and we'd given up on the movie we'd hired (Nobody hire " Feelin' Up", it's crap!), so we gave up on collating till the next day, when we finished assembling, stapling, checking, labeling, stamping, stuffing, sorting, and packing, around 11pm. TSV 12 was then posted by Janine Gredig the following day (Wednesday).

Wow! That was some collation party!!! My thanks to everyone that helped, let's do it again this issue. It certainly takes the monotony out of collating!

Right, that's the production side covered. Now, remember the Questionnaire that you received with the issue. How about returning it? We really, really want everyone's opinions. This is your chance for a say in what we're doing. So send it in! (If you are among the few that have already returned them, thanks a lot, and you can ignore the previous paragraph!)

Well, the other big news of the month is something very special to me. We're finally running a convention, it's called `TRAKON' (as in `The Keeper Of...') and it's being held in Christchurch over the weekend of July 22/23. See the ad later in the issue.

Okay, I think that's enough from me for now, except to say that, things are a little disorganised at the moment. However, I should get back on track shortly.

Catch 'ya,

Andrew Poulsen.

This item appeared in TSV 13 (May 1989).