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The Doctor and the Suit

by Cathi Brown

Fanzine Review by Craig Young

This is a crossover 'zine which involves the Doctor meeting the people from that utterly forgettable series, The Greatest American Hero, as well as Steed from The Avengers making what is unfortunately a cameo appearance. I must concur with Paul Scoones though - without ascertaining Ms. Brown's age, it is impossible to be fully critical.

OK, the plot. The amphibioid, frog-like natives of Anuranus have just broken out of their Time Lord-imposed quarantine, and are kidnapping structures from Earth. UNIT liaises with the CIA, so the cast of The Greatest American Hero and a Ms. Randi Starmoon (this is supposed to be a Red Indian name - I thought names were selected in their culture through dreams, but never mind...), get exported to England, where Steed pops up, with Sarah Jane and the Doctor. It seems that this takes place during Sarah's K9 and Company series; as for the Doctor, this is either after The Invasion Of Time or The Deadly Assassin neither Leela or Romana is anywhere in sight.

The Doctor travels to Anuranus with Sarah, K9 and The Greatest American Hero cast. The bickering amongst the latter gets rather tedious very quickly, for they are very predictably captured. K-9 had to stay behind in the TARDIS, and we didn't even know he was there until the final pages - surely the Doctor could have rigged something up to adapt him to the marshy environment outside. The The Greatest American Hero crew and Sarah Jane are imprisoned but Ralph Hinkley, the young teacher with the alien suit (I kid you not), breaks them out only to find that the Doctor has managed to peacefully resolve things with the Anuraneans, all of whom seem to have English names (although some mention of a translator does occur). One of the few good points of this work is the care that Ms. Brown has taken with the Anuraneans and their world themselves - they do come across as believable aliens of their particular category, even if her inept plotting leaves them without a convincing motivation.

So, it's back to Britain where everyone goes their separate ways, thank Rassilon. I breathed a hearty sigh of relief at the prospect, only to find on a flyer at the end of these laboured proceedings that Brown has a sequel in mind, entitled 'The Steele The Foxe Scenario' which ropes in even more American series.

So, what can I say about this one? Poorly plotted, poorly characterised, little focus on the Doctor instead of the The Greatest American Hero buffoons, a good alien society with poor motivations that are never adequately explained, no real sense of menace, threat or mystery.

Older Doctor Who fans, don't waste your money on this. If we don't subsidise it, she won't print the threatened sequel. Parents of younger fans are advised similarly.

On the Young scale, this rates 3 out of 10.

This item appeared in TSV 13 (May 1989).