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The Dalek Targeting System

By Andrew Munro

The new Dalek targeting system as seen in Season 25's Remembrance of the Daleks is quite a simple system. The system uses the numbers from 0 to 9, therefore the numbers seen at the top of the screen are the co-ordinates of the enemy and those at the side representing the distance to the target.

The actual targeting is quite sophisticated, but has minor faults, for example; the range of the target has to be within, say, 75 metres, otherwise the beam would veer off-course and miss altogether.

The Dalek would pick its foe and then proceed to target them. After the targeting computer was activated, the eyepiece would send out optical sensory beams and when the beam hits the target, the targeting computer would determine the distance to the enemy and its co-ordinates, then proceeding to lock in and fire.

But in the case of the Special Weapons Dalek, the targeting computer would be the same except for the added range. This Dalek has superior firepower over all the other Daleks because of its large cannon instead of the usual gun.

Why the need for the Special Weapons Dalek, you might ask? When the Daleks encounter an enemy with advanced weaponry and casualties on the Dalek sides are starting to add up, the Daleks call up the Special Weapons Dalek to eradicate the enemy and keep casualties down.

The Special Weapons Dalek would also need a larger energy source to power the cannon, which would use power very quickly. It also has a highly armoured top half, which protects the eyepiece from being damaged and being able to take a greater deal of fire from the enemy without substantial damage. The need for this Dalek would prove vital for the Daleks if they came across an enemy like the Movellans.

If you have already seen this story, you will have noticed that this Dalek can destroy four renegade Daleks with one shot, proving the old adage that 'Peace Through Superior Firepower' is true.

This item appeared in TSV 13 (May 1989).