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by Ian Briggs

Book review by Stephen Austin

With most of the season twenty-four novels having been released, I had my hopes set pretty high for this story to be the best. How could I be wrong?

Ian Briggs has written a very dramatic novel with some excellent characterisations. For example; Kane is probably one of the best characters of Season twenty-four, mainly because he is so totally evil. He is more like a vampire than an alien being.

Briggs has handled the introduction of Ace very well. Aside from several irritating things she says, such as "Wicked!" and "Ace!", she is a very well written character.

The reintroduction of Glitz has been handled nicely. Glitz, season 23's resident rogue, is trying to prove how much of a real man he is throughout the entire story.

The other outstanding feature of the book is the cover. This would have to be one of the all time best covers I have seen on a Target Who novel.

In my opinion this is a brilliant story, with the credit going to Ian Briggs. I give it a five TARDIS rating (the top). Roll on Briggs' The Curse Of Fenric.

This item appeared in TSV 14 (July 1989).

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