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By Andrew Poulsen

Well, this issue it's all short and sweet. Sorry about the delay in getting TSV 14 to you, but with TRAKON, plus increased demands at work, I've been rather pushed for time lately. However, never fear, hopefully we'll be almost back on schedule next issue (which should be going out around the end of September, we hope).

On the subject of TRAKON, thanks to all those that attended. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. It was amazing to think that with three months planning, we pulled off a two day, 106 attendee convention and got Network News coverage!

A lot has been happening around here lately, which is why TSV is so late. And it doesn't help that every bloody computer I use at the moment insists on crashing on me several times. I'm getting really fed up, this is the third time I'm tried to type this damn editorial. Sorry, but I'm starting to get a little fed up with this issue of TSV, I'm starting to think it should have been TSV 13, not 14... it's had that many problems.

Anyway, you're not even vaguely interested in my problems, so onto some news.

As announced at TRAKON, Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure was to be touring New Zealand late this year. We were hoping to run a convention at the same time, grabbing Colin Baker and David Banks as guests. However, it was not to be. We just received a letter from the promoter, stating that the tour is postponed until some point next year. No reasons were given.

However, never fear, WHOCON1 is coming. We are currently considering holding it late next year, with a prominent Who person as guest. We will be sending out questionnaires with the next TSV to find out who people would like to see as a guest.

Next issue, we will be featuring a lot of coverage on Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure, with press clippings, etc. We will be also giving you the low-down on the New Zealand Doctor Who Appreciation Society, run by three Hamilton DW fans.

I would also like to apologise for the appalling quality of this issue, we have run into many problems with it, and I'm typing this on Tuesday 29th of August. Tonight Peter and I are printing it, tomorrow night everyone's collating it round at Stephen Murray's place (thanks, Steve - you're a lifesaver) and it's being posted on Thursday. So (hopefully, everything going to plan) you should be reading this on Friday or Saturday.

You should find enclosed a Peter Davison Era Questionnaire to return to us, a copy of The Doctor Who Listener, our first special club `zine for 1989, and of course, TSV 14, which you are now reading. If The Doctor Who Listener is not included, DO NOT PANIC!, as it probably means we didn't get time to finish printing it, so it will be sent out with TSV 15. However, it is hopefully included.

Well, that's enough ranting from me. Catch you next issue, which will hopefully be back on time.


This item appeared in TSV 14 (July 1989).