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By Andrew Poulsen

"We all make mistakes... "
- Said the Dalek as he climbed off the Dust Bin!
(Jasper Carrot, Circa 1979)

In case you hadn't already noticed, we've been having a few problems of late, what with me coming down with chickenpox, Jason injuring two of his fingers, plus lots more!

So, we apologise for all these little problems which just sort of mounted up, and we will be endeavouring to get back on track before the next issue goes out.

This issue I'd just like to say a few things about friends. "Why?", you may ask. Well, lately I have come to realise just how hard it is to find true friends, and once you have found some, it's important to keep them around you, otherwise all the nastiness in the world might just get through your barriers and do something horrible to you - like rip off your ears! (Oops, just thinking of Greatest Show there for a moment, sorry).

I would like to dedicate this issue to my friends, as without them this issue, in fact, this club would never have been started. It's amazing how many people are willing to pitch in and lend a hand when you start getting bogged down. I would especially like to thank Peter Smith, the man that is the most involved non-Doctor Who fan in the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club. "Ehhh???" you ask. "What do you mean?" Well, lately Peter is the person that is keeping me sane. Somehow, I can't actually remember how, Peter started helping, in a very minor capacity, with bits and pieces for Trakon. And then all of sudden, he was doing more and more, and then, zap, he ended up on the committee running the convention. Now, there's not much strange about that, except that he isn't a Doctor Who fan, in fact, the only full Doctor Who story he had seen up until a month ago was The Five Doctors. Peter has been a great help to both the club and me, and I don't know what we'd do without him. So, Peter Smith, thank you very much! (There, has that embarrassed you enough, Pete???)

Well, that's enough mindless drivel from me for this issue, enjoy reading TSV 15, and please drop us a line telling us what you thought of it. Even better, send us an entire article or review, we really WANT to hear from you!

Catch you next issue, which will hopefully on time.


The Cover: This issue's cover was inspired by the Pertwee 1971 tale The Mind Of Evil, and features the Keller Machine, projections of the third Doctor's past and future foes, and a quote from the Master. TSV readers might have fun playing 'identify the creature' (no points for finding Jon Pertwee!).

This item appeared in TSV 15 (September 1989).