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Trakon: The Micro-Pest's View

As Seen by Micro-Pest Tim Blackburn

The weekend of 22-23 July 1989 marked an uplifting experience for Whovians of all clones. For the money, people who attended the con (held at the Trade Union Centre in Christchurch), all will know what I'm talking about. Practically every event was a highlight and the whole thing was great.

As was to be expected, there were the impersonators, very realistically mimicking their favourite characters and Doctors. Speaking of impersonators Jon Preddle had the audience in fits of laughter with his impersonations of Daleks, the TARDIS and others.

Everyone was scoffing trodden-on jelly babies at a lolly scramble on Sunday and shouting for their say at the debate on Saturday. 'Imaginative' would be the best word to describe all the entries in the Scratch Modelling contest. Great videos were held throughout the weekend, including Remembrance of the Daleks, City on the Edge of the World and The Daemons.

There was helpful advice for starters in the workshops. A great cartoon was done of yours truly.

A favourite was the auction - some valuable items here. Doctor Who Sale of the Century was fantastic! Some (cheap!) items were seeking a deal with contestants. We even had a Judith Kirk.

The TVNZ feature went well. You should have seen the work done on the closing piece of the item - the reporter went through it six times!

There was so much happening and I am sure that if you attended, you'd agree that Andrew Poulsen and co. ought to get a medal for the time and effort they put into the con.

[Cake Cutting]
Sunday afternoon Cake Cutting, on stage we have guests Jon and Paul,
with Andrew supervising. Roana and Kim did a wonderful job cooking a
delicious TARDIS cake. It was great!

This item appeared in TSV 15 (September 1989).