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By Andrew Poulsen

Hi guys, how's tricks? Well, here we are, back for yet another issue of comedy and catalogues, articles and anecdotes, reviews and revisions.

Yet again, a lot has happened since the last issue. Season 26 has come and almost gone, Doctor Who has been put back on hiatus both here and in the United Kingdom, the Doctor Who movie has been given the go-ahead again, Batman has been released in New Zealand (finally), as has Ghostbusters 2 and Back To The Future 2, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids will be out soon. Christmas is looming closer and the end of the 80s is nearly upon us. And in addition to all that, I've moved! Yep, I'm now in my own flat (along with my little sister, Roana), and the NZDWFC has finally moved out of my bedroom into its own office (read: 'spare bedroom'). So, yet again, the place is in turmoil. Everything is in (or out) of boxes, the mail is in a great big pile on the floor, and a large cardboard TARDIS (that made National News!) is still dominating our garage (don't worry Ivan, by the time this is being read it should be on its way to you. I hope!).

So, anyone that was sending mail to me at home should now direct all correspondence to the PO Box (as I don't trust my new neighbours). And, who knows, we may even answer your letter before December 1990 (once we've got it out of the pile anyway!). Janine, Wendy, Peter, Richard, Stephen and I are doing a great job of trying to keep the chaos of the new office in working order, and, everything willing, we'll finally be getting really efficient sometime early next year.

A quick note about TSV, never take everything you read seriously, we occasionally like to include small jokes to catch people off guard. Note: there will always be some small things in an article/advert to give it away, you just have to look hard enough. We would be interested in hearing which articles from the last few issues you think were jokes. Hope you appreciate our sense of humour. We do!

With regards to the last story contest (way back in TSV13, or was it 14?), I have yet to reach a final decision as all the stories are sitting in the competitions box waiting to be moved. The winner of this competition will be announced next issue.

One last thing, the Gallifreyan Times crew have taken offense to the article printed on them last issue. I would like to apologise for any insult that appeared in that article as it was not meant to be in any way derogatory, however as it was rushed out at the last minute it wasn't proofed as well as it should have been. Sorry guys.

So, that's it from me this issue. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we'll see you back in the 90s!

Andrew Poulsen

This item appeared in TSV 16 (December 1989).