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Kinda: Before the Edit

By Paul Scoones

(with thanks to Jon Preddle for checking my research and supplying the video tape.)

More often than not, a Doctor Who episode will over-run in production, and the director is then faced with the task of cutting out various scenes and/or trimming others to bring it under 25 minutes in length. This was the case with the first two episodes of Kinda, as we discovered when Jon received a tape containing a pre-transmission copy of the story with a digital time-clock measuring off duration to a 20th of a second. Each episode has opening credits, but no closing credits. Part Four does not appear on the tape and Part Three runs at the same length as the televised version of that episode.

Janet Fielding's reportedly 'sensual' performance as Tegan possessed was toned down and although most of this went out at rehearsals, but there is one scene which appears on the unedited version of Part Two which looks as if it might just possibly have been taken out for this reason. Certainly all other cuts were due to an overrun. Part One runs to just over 30 minutes, and Part Two, nearly 28 minutes.

The following shows what director Peter Grimwade edited out.

PART ONE (Duration 30:11)

The opening shot of the jungle and the dome is different. Sanders is seen to enter the dome control room before we see Hindle asleep, rather than the other way around.

After Sanders dismisses Hindle:
SANDERS Oh, Mr Hindle? (Hindle turns) Boo! (Sanders laughs, Hindle leaves. Dr Todd glares at him disapprovingly) Oh, it'll do him good. He gets on my nerves!

The melodic sounds of the windchimes (achieved by brushing and pinging a bit of cut glass) were added in post-production. On the tapes, they just 'clunk' together. The Doctor asks "Who built it and what's it for?" which ends the scene on the TV version, but when Tegan doesn't answer, he pushes through the chimes, and finds her standing in some kind of trance:
DOCTOR Tegan, you alright?
TEGAN (Snaps out of it) What? Yes.
DOCTOR And why build it in the middle of nowhere?

Sanders finishes his exercises, watched by Todd. She asks him about the missing members of the expedition:
SANDERS Well, well how should I know? Perhaps they just wandered off. Listen - take it from me - something will turn up, it always does. That's the point - the unexpected turns up just when you're not expecting it. (Todd walks away and Sanders waggles a finger at her back) You remember that. (Hindle enters, smartly dressed) Ah yes, thank you. Dismissed. (Sanders dries his face with a towel).
SANDERS Well, what is it?
HINDLE Sir, I wish to know in view of the present circumstances what you as Com-Ex intend to do.

Adric in the jungle, calling:
ADRIC Doctor! Doctor!
DOCTOR Now where's he got to?
ADRIC Doctor!
DOCTOR (To Tegan) Stay here. I'll be back in a moment (He puts on his hat and leaves. Closeup of Tegan's mesmerised expression).

After the TSS has been activated and the Doctor instructs Adric not to move a muscle:
DOCTOR Well, on second thoughts ... (He raises his hands above his head and glares angrily at Adric).

After Adric replies "Yes" to the Doctor's lecture on meddling:
DOCTOR When I give the word ... Now! (They dart off into the jungle. The TSS turns and fires twice and the Doctor and Adric reappear sheepishly, hands raised) Still, I suppose things could be worse.
ADRIC Could they?
DOCTOR It could have vaporised us on the spot!

The scene of the Doctor and Adric arriving outside the dome is different to that used in the final version. The shot of the dome from this version is used as the opening shot of the episode in the final version. This version has the Doctor and Adric approach the dome, herded by the TSS, and then we see the dome:
DOCTOR Looks as if we've arrived. (He puts on his hat. Close-up of a scanner eye watching them, and the Doctor and Adric are seen on a small monochrome screen on a console within the dome control room. A hand presses a button on a numerical keyboard. The Doctor looks at Adric as the hatch lowers. They enter the dome).

This version has a slightly longer shot of Tegan walking around the structure in the void. The chess players do not recede into the distance as they do on the final version. This was a video effect added later.

An extra scene was later added to the TV version of Aris approaching the Dome and looking in through a window at Todd's laboratory.

After the scene in the dome which ends with Sanders saying "Right on the nail" is this extra material at the beginning of a Tegan-Dukkha scene:
DUKKHA Oh yes, you will agree to being me.
TEGAN No. Never.
DUKKHA Just for a while.
DUKKHA Then you could be you again. I promise. Don't you trust me?
TEGAN Of course not.
DUKKHA Well why not?
TEGAN Because I don't know what you are.
DUKKHA Didn't I say?
(Scene continues with Tegan's line "Am I dreaming you?")

PART TWO (Duration 27:43)

An extra scene, not in the final version, of Sanders in the TSS in the jungle.

The two scenes after the one with the Doctor and Adric doing the coin trick are swapped. In the final version, the first scene is the one with Hindle and the Kinda followed by Panna and Karuna giving Sanders the Box of Jhana, but in this version, the scenes are reversed in order.

The scene where Hindle talks about the plant life being everywhere has the additional line:
HINDLE I'm onto you, you know.

After the scene that ends with Todd saying "his own interests at heart" this cuts to a shot of Adric's face watching them on an overhead monitor, which in turn cuts to Adric seated at the control console with Hindle eating in the background. Adric turns to Hindle:
HINDLE Anything to report?
ADRIC Er... no. It's just that I thought I saw something.
ADRIC No. It's nothing.
HINDLE Oh. Carry on.
ADRIC Yes sir. (Turns back to console) What are the Kinda really like?
HINDLE Primitive.
ADRIC Are they?
(Scene continues with Adric's line "So what exactly am I looking for?")

After the end of the above scene, the following one begins:
Dukkha confronts the two Tegans.
DUKKHA Have you changed your mind yet? Either of them? Or, what is more to the point, have you two made friends? No? Oh dear...
(Scene continues with Dukkha's line "Things could be much more puzzling...")

After the Doctor's line "I can't seem to get through.":
HINDLE (To Adric) I'm not angry with you. I'm just very disappointed. Speak up. (Adric says nothing) I trusted you, you see. Discipline must be maintained otherwise out there gets in. Do you see?
DOCTOR (Putting up his hand) Ah, I have a...
HINDLE Silence! (Kneels beside Adric) Perhaps you can help. Would you like to?
HINDLE Speak up.
HINDLE Good boy. You see ...
(Scene continues with Hindle's line "The problem is knowing what punishment...")

Tegan possessed by the Mara, sways sensuously into the clearing containing the windchimes. She stops by the chimes and looks through them to see Aris approaching. He hasn't seen her. Tegan gets down on her hands and knees under the chimes, grinning, and grabs a small bag of fruit left there by the Kinda. With this, she darts away and climbs a nearby tree.

After Sanders' line "You know best.":
SANDERS Well of course you do!
HINDLE Very well. Follow me. (They walk off).

After Todd's line "You know, Doctor, you're frightening me!":
DOCTOR Not half as much as Hindle frightens me.
TODD I'm afraid he's insane. Leave him to Sanders.
(Scene continues with Hindle's line "Mr Sanders has returned.")

After Sanders' line, "Please, can I sit down?":
SANDERS My legs are tired.
TODD What's happened to him?
SANDERS I'm not as young as I was, you see. (To Hindle) May I?
SANDERS Thank you. (He sits. The Doctor looks puzzled).

Later in the same scene, after Hindle's line "I'll decide what's to be done.":
HINDLE Why? Because I say so - and it's my turn!
(Scene continues with Sanders' line "I was forgetting...")

After Hindle's line, "On the floor between you.":
Adric is on his knees in the dome control room, his arms restrained behind his back by one of Hindle's Kinda guards. Hindle, seated at the console, watches the cell occupants on the monitor screen. He turns to Adric:
HINDLE What are you doing here?"
ADRIC You said I...
ADRIC Nothing.
HINDLE Come on. You'll miss the fun.
ADRIC The... The guard! (He indicates that he is still restrained).
HINDLE Oh yes. (He thinks for a moment and the Kinda guard releases Adric, who goes to join Hindle at the console) Come on. You'll miss it.

PART THREE (Duration: 23:04)

This episode falls within the 25-minute format, and there are no changes between this and the final version.


Not included on the tape. It is however possible to be fairly certain that there are no missing scenes from this episode, as it was discovered in post-production that the episode under-ran, forcing director Peter Grimwade to record extra material during the studio recording sessions for Earthshock.

This item appeared in TSV 16 (December 1989).

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