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Random Waffling From The Editor

By Andrew Poulsen

Wow! What a crazy couple of months! Huh, what do you mean, what am I talking about? Don't you know? Oh, right, that's a point, you haven't been told yet, have you? Oh well, no time like the present. Ah, you wouldn't be really interested, anyway. It's just my life, and pretty boring to the outside observer. But if only you knew!

Anyway, enough waffling. How about actually saying something in this editorial. Okay, first things first, I'm not going to be editing the next issue or two of TSV. The reasons for this are many, see the above paragraph for a hint, well actually it'll probably confuse you more, but then, that's me all over! Richard Scheib, wonderful person that he is, is going to step into the breach and take over the editorial reigns, with myself as Editor In Chief, so the next issue should be with you at some point in the not too distant future.

Okay, now I realise this issue is over a month late. Well, all I can say is sorry. However, if you want someone to blame, blame Paul "Yes Andrew, I suppose you can stay at my place for a couple of weeks" Scoones. It's all his fault. If he hadn't offered to put me up in Auckland I would have had TSV out ages ago. However, I ended up spending two weeks in Auckland, having a great time and visiting lots and lots of record stores! Lots of thanks to Paul and Mike for putting up with me for so long, it was great guys.

And the other people you can blame are my parents. You see, they threw an enormous twenty-first birthday party for me, which was attended by 70 or 80 people and a great time was had by all. That also kicked me out of action of a couple of weeks.

Then there's my boss, you see, he laid me off for a month due to a severe lack of work, meaning that I had no money, or a good computer to work on. That stuffed us up a bit too.

And then there's the second Doctor Who Day we held back in March. That put me out of synch as well. And then there's my flatmates, well, enough said.

In fact, do you realise how tuff it is to do all the things I do, and try to do them well? Bloody tuff, I'll tell you!

Anyway, that's enough about my problems. Hopefully that gives you some idea as to why I'm taking a sort-of leave of absence. I've got a few things to work out. However, I'll still be around, kicking about behind the scenes, so don't think you've seen the last of me, because you haven't, so there! And we've got some good stuff coming up as well, so keep your eyes and ears alert as you never know where or when you'll find the NZDWFC and yours truly.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to talk briefly about how hard it is producing a `zine like TSV. Okay, I know most of you have heard it all before, but please bear with me. Okay, as you know, TSV is supposed to be produced bimonthly, and around 64 pages in length. But do you realise how much work is really involved in it. The Gallifreyan Times tried to explain what goes into the production of a `zine in their video, but their `Seven Quick and Easy Steps to Producing a Fanzine' is nothing like the real thing. This is bloody hard work! Anyway, cutting through the crap, what I would like to ask is quite simple, does someone want to help us out with the typing of the `zine. All you need is an IBM compatible computer and some sort of ASCII based or Wordstar compatible text editing programme. And if you don't have one, we can supply one. If we had four or five people willing to type ten pages an issue and then send us the diskette, TSV would be far easier to put together. We could also probably offer you a free membership if you are to do this regularly. It would really help Richard and I out, as our current typists have all quit, or asked to have a break. So, if you're interested in lending a hand to the production of NZ's best Doctor Who `zine, we'd really appreciate it.

Well, that's it for now. Thanx for all the support over the last few issues, as some of you know it's been hard going, but for the next couple of months, it's all Richard's problem. Ha, go to it, dude!

See ya' round like a record,
Andrew R. Poulsen

This item appeared in TSV 18 (May 1990).