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Cramp's Conflagration

Conflagration 1990 convention report by Murray Cramp

The convention started well with each of the guests giving interesting and entertaining opening speeches. The Wizard proved himself to be an intelligent and amusing character, while Philip Mann was knowledgeable and approachable. For me, as a Doctor Who fan, Mark Strickson was the person I was most interested in meeting. I was not disappointed. Mark is the kind of person who is ideal for conventions, always with a good story to tell. He provided a magnificent insight into the world of acting and television, even happy to act out scenes from the series. Those of you who were there will know what I mean when I say - "Tractators, Tractators!" Mark sees JNT as the rescuer of the show, not the villain. He feels that without JNT the series would have been abandoned soon after he left. Mark holds some very strong beliefs, which he is happy to discuss. He (like everyone should) has a deep concern for the environment and the world we live in. One reason why he now lives in Aussie is to leave the world of population and pollution behind him. There seems little chance of him returning to England to live. He is an open and quite extroverted person who helped make the convention one that all who attended would remember.

This item appeared in TSV 19 (June 1990).