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The Trials and Tribulations of a TSV Editor

By Richard Scheib

Well folks, that's another issue. I hope you find it up to the standard of its predecessors. It's a bit thin, I know, which might be due to the conspicuous lack of 13-part Ratings articles and Peter Davison survey results.

Anyway I've enjoyed this issue. Doing this flaming magazine can be a pain at times - one having to deal with the likes of computers that decide to do the technically impossible and wipe your entire file without any warning, or worse still the back-breaking job of slaving over a photocopier literally all day long to churn out 200 copies of a 60+ (12 double-sided A4) page zine. Why does one do it? Aside from masochism, I sometimes really wonder myself.

But it has its moments. There's the necessity to attain a constant level of being slightly out of one's tree that one has to maintain to keep alive. Things do verge on the surreal at times. There's the person who went through my file with a Find/Replace command and changed every occurrence of the word 'Doctor' to 'Surgeon' and every occurrence of 'the' to 'eensy-weensy teenie-weenie polka dot bikini'. Or there are the infamous collation parties which descend into spontaneous games of Dalek cricket with toilet plungers or which one could instead spend handcuffed to the door of Andrew's flat. Or there are the phone calls that begin: "Um, Andrew, you know how you said the computer was never meant to do that..." Or there's the infamous former TSV editor mentioned in the last sentence who shall remain nameless who decides in the closing ceremony of a certain Doctor Who convention to actually present the joke Asshole of the Convention Award that one jokingly came up with the night before.

But what makes it all worthwhile is getting all the letters back in from you to thank us for a job well done. We do really appreciate them and you. Having worked on and edited a few zines, I am constantly surprised at the level of input and enthusiasm that TSV and the NZDWFC gets from its membership. You do a great job supporting us - keep it up. And the other thing that makes it all worthwhile has been the opportunity to meet a lot of really nice and genuine people out there: Hi - Joshua. Hi - Paul Sinkovitch. Hi - Alistair Hughes. Hi - Candice. Hi - Nick White. Hi - Jon and Paul.

So, for now, be excellent to one another.

See you next issue.

The Wicked and Depraved Person in the Red Dressing Gown


This item appeared in TSV 19 (June 1990).