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By Andrew Poulsen

Well, we're finally back, for a last round. What's that? A last round? Yes, it's finally happened, the Christchurch head office of the NZDWFC is chucking it in. But never fear! The Aucklanders are here!!! Yes, the NZDWFC is simply moving to Auckland. Paul Scoones, Jon Preddle, Chris Mander and Felicity Fletcher are taking over the running of the club, and I'm sure they're going to do a damn fine job of it!

Us Christchurch bods have just had enough. The club began in January 1988 with Scott Walker and I doing all the work. Scott dropped out early in 1989, finding he didn't have the enthusiasm required to continue his tasks. However, during that period that club couldn't have survived without him. A big round of applause for Scott Walker, please.

Between early 1989 and mid 1989, I pretty much handled everything myself, until Richard Scheib and Janine Gredig came along and we all got stuck into turning a great Doctor Who club into the biggest (and some say best) science fiction organisation in the country. Quite an achievement! We also ran two conventions. With Stephen Murray and Peter Smith (with help from Shane Hanify and Keith Smith) we ran Trakon, New Zealand's first Doctor Who convention in July 1989. This was a resounding success, and everyone ( to my knowledge) enjoyed themselves immensely. And on the strength of that success, we embarked on WhoCon 1990, the biggie, featuring a Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and a major companion (Mark Strickson) as our Guests Of Honour. The committee this time round was Richard Scheib, Janine Gredig, Keith Smith and myself (with help from Peter Smith, Paul Scoones, and lots of other people). This too was regarded a success by those that attended. However, we did have several problems behind the scenes - not the least of which was the fact that we didn't break even. We all worked really hard on the con - in fact, probably too hard - and it was obvious to all those that knew us that we were all close to breaking point. Shortly afterwards both Janine and Richard asked to step out of their roles with the club. They did a brilliant job during their time... let's all give them a big round of applause too!

And that brings us to the present. Little old me, and this big old club. What to do with it? After numerous discussions with all sorts of people, it was decided that the club could do with a serious regeneration. So, I started looking for willing mugs... oops, sorry... volunteers. And then the lads (and lass) from Auckland said they'd be interested. After some careful thought, it was agreed. The NZDWFC was moving to Auckland.

So, returning to the top of the page, we're finally back - for the last time. Yes, we know this issue's about six months late. And, as always, we're really sorry. Hopefully the size of it will make up for the numerous complaints I'm sure you all have. This issue has been sent to all of our members, past and present, in the hope that you will all feel that spark of enthusiasm returning to the good ol' NZDWFC. It was the first, and hopefully it'll be around for some time to come.

You have probably also noticed that the name at the bottom of this page isn't that of Richard Scheib, the editor of TSV 19. Richard felt he had run out of the push he needed to produce TSV, and so eventually handed it back to me for completion. As a result, some of this `zine was edited by Richard (about 10-15 pages), whilst the rest was handled by me.

Finally, my utmost thanks to Wendy Toynton and Nick White, who helped out with the typing of this massive issue. Around half of the text contained herein was typed by Wendy and Nick in the last three weeks. A sterling effort. Thanks. Let's all give them a big round of applause.

Well, that's it. The end of the Poulsen era of the NZDWFC. It's been nice. I'd like to say thanks to a few people before I dematerialise for the last time. In no particular order... Scott Walker, Kay Lilley, Paul Scoones, Paul Sinkovitch, Jon Preddle, Ken Tod, Murray Jackson, Graham Muir, Richard Scheib, Janine Gredig, Mr & Mrs Gredig, my Mum and Dad, Catriona Watt, Karen Vernon, Wendy Toynton, Kathy Hanson, Debbie Ogier, Alistair Hughes, Warwick Gray, Joshua Preston, Nick White, Chris Girdler, Matthew Morris, David Bishop, Charles Finn, Tony Watson, Joe at Photomatic, Peter Smith, Craig Young, David Lawrence, Jason Stevenson, and everyone that has joined the club, submitted a letter, or attended a meeting or video day. You've all been wonderful. I'll see you all around...

So, with a tear in my eye, farewell, adios, and all that sort of thing,

Andrew R. Poulsen
Co-Founder, Editor, Stapler, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. NZDWFC 1988-1991

This item appeared in TSV 20 (December 1990).