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Hindscan - Season 25

Reviewed by Terry Shore

Remembrance of the Daleks

I would place this as the top story myself. Simon Williams who played Group Captain Gilmore was on top form, and it was good to see Pamela Salem as the Professor (You may remember that Pamela played Toos in Tom Baker's The Robots of Death). The treacherous Mike, who nearly fell in love with Ace also made a good character. The Doctor's arch enemies, the Daleks had improved a lot on their past stories in Doctor Who. Their voices had also improved. Also, Davros or the Dalek Emperor, played by Terry Molloy was good too. We also learnt that the Omega device completely wiped out Skaro. This is truly a classic that fans would never forget. 10/10

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

This story isn't so bad. The location is just like a desert, for the setting of the planet Segonax. And we get to see the TARDIS interior at the beginning. T.P. McKenna as Captain Cook and Jessica Martin as Mags were on top form, and you may have noticed Gian Sammarco of the two Adrian Mole series played the Whizzkid. He was not so bad after all. As for the villainous Chief Clown, well, to me he looked like the Joker. Also the Ringmaster stunned me with his 'Greatest Show' raps. 6/10

Silver Nemesis

This story is brilliant. Fiona Walker as the villainous Lady Peinforte was good, but to me she was a bit of a snob. Gerald Murphy as Richard was good as well. I don't blame him if he didn't like being Lady Peinforte's servant. Anton Differing made a good character as De Flores. To me he looked a little bit German, but not really. Then there's the Cybermen. David Banks came back again as the Cyberleader, and he stunned me with his line at the beginning of Part Two with his line saying "Eradicate them!" 7/10

The Happiness Patrol

Blimey! What a terrible title, and worse, a terrible story. The Happiness Patrol was the second story for Season 25 but TVNZ screened this adventure as the last. This story has to be the future of Doctor Who, according to its setting. The villainous Silas P had me hacked off. I thought he was the person you could talk to. Cheek! Of course there's Helen A with her "Happiness will prevail!" and the Kandyman who's the favourite villain of the story. There's the good guys like Earl Sigma and the vivacious Susan Q. The Happiness Patrol themselves with their pink costumes and pink hair looked terrible. Yuck! The execution area had people put in the pipes and get covered with strawberry. Ooh! Cor! You should see the mess afterwards. This story would never be one of my favourites. 4/10