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By Paul Scoones

I'm back!

After much thought on how best to start this editorial, I believe these two words sum up the situation best. I was the original editor of TSV, before passing the whole thing on to Andrew Poulsen and company in Christchurch, and now I've got it back, only it's grown in size and readership quite considerably, and it's no longer just a zine, but a club and a lot of hard work as well. None of this would be possible to manage without help, and I am indebted to the time and effort put into both the club and TSV by Felicity and Chris. This issue has been a learning experience for me in the art of delegation. No one person can run the NZDWFC.

We hope that you enjoy this new-look issue. At 72 pages, it's the longest TSV yet, but don't expect this length every time - we couldn't afford it. I apologise if something you contributed hasn't appeared, but we received far more than we could hope to print, and much editing was done to get the space we have.

Because of the totally unexpected volume of material, the original plan to alternate TSV with Timestreams is now being reconsidered. It looks as if there will be six issues of TSV this year, but the downside of this is that Timestreams will have to be purchased as a separate item, as when we set the subscription at $20.00, we were only budgeting for six issues a year. If anyone has any views on the subject, I'd really like to hear from you.

We're attempting to get back into a bimonthly schedule, which is why we've put this issue out in February (just!). We're optimistically hoping to have TSV 22 out in mid-April, so get those articles, artwork and letters in pronto! Incidentally, the NZDWFC did produce six issues last year, but you have to include Timestreams 1 and TSV Special 1.

When flicking through this issue, you'll notice a number of changes. We've dropped some features and created others, whilst reformatting still more. I'd particularly like to draw your attention to the club notices on page 7, and the comprehensive Leisure Hive feature, which will be regular items, so I need you to send in all your local Doctor Who news on current and upcoming events, please! I'd also like reviews of the repeats of the early episodes now showing on Sundays.

David Bishop's Bulletin From Britain had not yet turned up at the time of publication, and there was unfortunately no room to publish Penpals this issue. Both features will appear next issue. Myth Makers however has gone for good, as have hopelessly out-of-date news items and those Pictionary game reports. Sorry to anyone who particularly enjoyed those features of last year's TSV issues.

Finally, thanks Andrew - you've left us a hard act to follow...

Paul Scoones
22 February 1991

This item appeared in TSV 21 (February 1991).