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The Space Museum

A Collection of Doctor Who Oddities


by Jonathon Park

Yesterday, as I was helping my mum at my school, my father started playing a song on the piano. As luck would have it, he opened the music book (The Tinderbox Music Book, 1983), on page 24 with a song called 'Supermum! '. In Verse 4, line 3, there is a line that goes "She's brainier than K9 and his master, Doctor Who" - so that's another mysterious place that Doctor Who has popped up in.

She produces far more lollipops than Kojak ever had;
She's handier with a power-tool than anybody's dad.
She's brainier than K9 and his master, Doctor Who;
Do you get the message Supermum? There's no one quite like you
Supermum, you're wonderful...

This item appeared in TSV 24 (August 1991).

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