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By Felicity Fletcher, Paul Scoones and Chris Mander

Yet another last minute editorial, but at least it's not being done at three in the morning like some of the others! Thanks to all those who contributed - there seemed to be more of you this time, and apologies to those few whose submissions we didn't use in this issue.

The fan legal action being taken against the BBC is quite a surprising turn of events. I'm not very optimistic about it myself. Their main argument, that licence payers to the BBC have a right to get what they want for their money sounds reasonable enough, but the BBC will probably be able to reply that the majority of viewers do get what they want (ie Coronation Street, game shows etc) because those are the things that get the highest ratings. The other major draw back is that they need $90,000 to fund it. Of course it is possible that those motivating the campaign are hoping that the BBC will give in before they get to court. Still, it's a nice thought, imagine if we could dictate what we wanted to see on TV, Twin Peaks every night of the week...

Thank you to those who responded to my question in issue 24 about non Doctor Who material in TSV. In accordance with comments received we will keep this just to convention, club and zine listings for the benefit of those who like to get socially involved in wider fandom. Other fanzines also publish information about the NZDWFC from time to time. I believe it is important for various sectors of fandom to be in cooperation with each other so that individuals can be kept informed about what ever is going on that might interest them.

Last of all we're getting really hyped up about Doctorcon. It's going to be an event driven con (rather than centred around a guest), the kind of convention I like best. The Wellington Chapter are really motivated towards running the con, and Paul, Chris and myself all have events we're looking forward to running and attending. I hope that it will be possible for many of you to get to Doctorcon - it should be a lot of fun!

Felicity Fletcher

As the hour draws near when TSV must depart for the printers, the onus is on me to compose a short editorial. But what to write about? Should I tell you how I've recently started looking for a teaching position in a very depressed job market? No, you'd much rather hear that Felicity and I are getting married on 4 January and will spend two weeks honeymooning in the South Island before attending Doctorcon. I should mention all the contributions received over the last two months - especially the reviews, keep them coming in. Thanks to all those who wrote, and if you've never written something for TSV, why not start now? Maybe I'll see you in January in Wellington - it would be nice to put some faces to the names!

Paul Scoones


Unfortunately due to the following several factors (most of which were even beyond my control)...

1) mind-numbing pressures of University exams in two weeks time
2) everyone else making heaps of contributions to TSV (sniff - no room left for me...)
3) most significantly, David Lawrence's letter taking up so much space

...the NZ DW fanzines article has had to be postponed until next issue. Hopefully though, by December there will be some more new issues to include, and I'll be able to throw in some info about several fairly astonishing recent developments which deserve some coverage.

Thanks to all those who wrote in reply to my plea for information, it's been very useful indeed. Well, I'll be back with a vengeance and see you all in the bumper Christmas issue!

Chris Mander

This item appeared in TSV 25 (October 1991).