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Timewyrm: Genesys

by John Peel

Book review by Paul Rigby

I enjoyed Timewyrm: Genesys because, simply, it is a good story. There are several features of the novel which have been touched upon by most reviews, and I feel the best way to access the book is to mention what I feel about some of these points.

Firstly the much vaunted porn material within the book. Sadly I have to agree with the majority of others that this is an obvious attempt to make the book more 'adult', however I feel that this is no way makes the book unreadable, just plain silly in the relevant parts. What I find much more boring and irritating to read is lines such as: "...he managed well enough to spill the guts of the next man..." and: "...Enkidu smashed down on the arm that held the sword and heard the pleasing sound of shattering bone." Such descriptions of battles and fights I find totally unnecessary. While they may satisfy a blood-lust in some readers, to my mind they are just plain boring.

Those worried about a contradiction in the Doctor/Ace relationship need not be, all is as it should be, although the Doctor does appear to be slightly haphazard with the welfare of Ace. But this is explained, if not brilliantly, then satisfactorily.

Another matter much mentioned is the large amount of continuity references. I personally found that they were in no way a hindrance to a reader of the novel. And as for the Paradise Towers continuity blunder - it's casually mentioned, once! From reading reviews you expect to read a page-long comment or something!

One character I particularly enjoyed reading was the Timewyrm her/itself (or Ishtar, as she is known for the most part of the book). She is a joy to read, particularly in the last few chapters, when the action hots up.

Overall the plot is exciting and although well-worn in places, on the whole interesting. The characters are well written and enjoyable to read. Even if everyone else in the world hates it, it has still succeeded in one thing: it hooked me on the Timewyrm and New Adventures series.

I'll close with one of my many favourite bits from the novel (this has no deep meaning, it just put a smile on my face when I read it!). Gilgamesh and Enkidu are trying to get out of the enemy city alive. "The problem of getting through the gates was resolved fairly simply. As they neared the wooden barriers, ready to kill the guards and hack down the gates, there was a sudden light in the sky, followed by a deafening noise. 'Well,' Gilgamesh managed to comment, when his ears had ceased ringing and the smoke was clearing from the ruins of the gate, 'I think we know where Aya [Ace] went!'"!!!

READ IT! Or at least give it a go.

This item appeared in TSV 25 (October 1991).

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