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The Space Museum

A Collection of Doctor Who Oddities

Contributions by Jonathan Park


One day in July my father bought a book called The Cabbage Patch Fib by Paul Jennings. On pages 2 and 3 were some comments about Doctor Who. On page 2 was a comment and a picture about a Dad who didn't eat his tea while watching TV:

Dad hadn't noticed because he was too busy pretending not to be watching Doctor Who on the TV. It is a rule in our family that the TV is not on at tea time but somehow or other Dad never notices it is on until Doctor Who is over.

And then there was a comment about cliffhangers:

On the TV I saw that Doctor Who was just about to be eaten by a green, two-headed monster. The funny music came on which meant you had to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens. I knew Doctor Who would not be eaten alive. He never is because he has to be around for the next episode.


This one is in a Banana Book called Oh Paul. On page 18 appears:

In the classroom Miss Hornbeam was kneeling on the floor in front of a cardboard Dalek. The Dalek was shouting that it was too hot.

This item appeared in TSV 25 (October 1991).

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