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By Paul Scoones and Felicity Fletcher

For issue 25 we had a sort of coup and I took editorial control and produced most of the zine while Paul contented himself with rewriting his novelisation of Shada. This issue is more equally balanced. Paul generally does the programme-orientated aspects, e.g. Update, Land of Fiction, etc, while I tend to concentrate on the people-related/opinion areas such as Leisure Hive and editing letters. Of course this is not a hard an fast rule - look at the Story File and at Paul's snazzy new format for Galactic Junkmail (inspired by Trade & Exchange when he was trying to sell our washing machine which eats clothes). Chris types the good-looking pages with the right-justified margins.

You may have noticed that this issue is particularly large. We've been referring to it as the 'Christmas bumper issue' and have been speculating as to how many pages the stapler will be able to get through. It takes three hours to put in 400 odd staples (not to mention the one in five which stuff up), and unfortunately David Ronayne, who is developing a special relationship with the stapler, is now back in Rotorua.

Anyway, Merry Christmas (I told Paul I wanted a festive aspect to this zine and that was it), and I hope to see/hear from you in the New Year.


So here we are at the end of our first year in charge of the club. In terms of publishing, we've come a long way in that time: the total page length of TSV Volume Five (21-26) is 412 pages, and if you add to that all our Specials, that's 888 pages published in slightly less than twelve months!

For me, 1991 was the year in which I qualified as a secondary school teacher (I received my Teaching Diploma a few weeks ago), although sadly that doesn't mean I've actually got a job yet - still at least my time can be spent productively on club zines until I do get a teaching position.

Those of you who read my potted autobiography in TSV Flashback 1 may be interested to know that just recently, quite by chance, I ran into my old friend and fellow Doctor Who fan, Raymond Kapinga, whom I haven't seen for over ten years. It was certainly odd to be discussing Sylvester McCoy's Doctor with him as the last time we'd spoken Tom Baker was still in the role!

Getting back to the present, this issue is the longest TSV to date - and yet we still had to leave some things out. Part Six of The Forgotten Tales will now be appearing in TSV 27, although the subject of missing stories this issue is still covered by my article about Shada.

Is Ace a virgin? That's a question that has inspired a few people to respond since it was posed by Murray Cramp last issue. Opinion on the subject seems to be divided 50/50 at the moment... More seriously (?!), we're now looking at possible changes for both the club and TSV, and we're very interested in hearing what you'd like to see done differently in 1992 - especially what you'd like in upcoming TSVs. Either write to us or let us know in person at DoctorCon.

Congratulations to our brilliant cover artist, Warwick Gray, who recently had a comic strip script of his accepted for Doctor Who Magazine - and got his name mentioned in that context in the latest issue. The story (called Memorial) came about partly as a result of the DWM Editor reading The Dreaming Book, published in TSV 23. Warwick's story will appear in DWM towards the end of 1992, and he will be going over to England early next year, so unfortunately we won't be seeing his magnificent artwork gracing our covers for very much longer - his Seventh Doctor cover for TSV 27 may be his last - at least for a while... Any budding cover artists out there?!

This issue is a few days later than we'd hoped for. Chris Mander's computer died suddenly, leaving us without a means of getting the letters pages off the disk, so if they look a little different this issue, that's why.

See you next issue - or maybe even in Wellington in January...?


This item appeared in TSV 26 (December 1991).