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Timewyrm: Revelation

by Paul Cornell

Book review by Paul Scoones

This is the book I've been waiting for. I've suspected for many months that it would be the best Timewyrm book, and I was not proved wrong. Forget Exodus or Apocalypse; this is the book that will make you sit up and realise why it is that you're a Doctor Who fan. Revelation is, quite simply, absolutely superb - and also very, very complex. It is impossible to say too much without giving the game away, but I can tell you that very little of it takes place in the normal dimension of Doctor Who, giving the vast majority of the book a surrealistic feel. As I read this book, I was never able to predict what would happen on the next page - the plot keeps you guessing right up until the very end. It's like a jigsaw puzzle that doesn't allow you to see the whole picture until the very last piece is fitted. Cornell has captured the characters of the Doctor and Ace far more accurately than the three previous Timewyrm authors, and his descriptive prose is so vivid that I found myself often 'hearing ' and 'seeing' what was going on in the adventure. Somehow, as a result of reading this one book, I'll never be able to consider the Seventh Doctor and Ace in quite the same way ever again. Revelation is a milestone in Doctor Who fiction - if you only ever buy one Doctor Who book, make it this one. You'll not regret it.

This item appeared in TSV 26 (December 1991).

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