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The Space Museum

A Collection of Doctor Who Oddities

Compiled by Felicity Fletcher

The Doctor's Washcloth
by Jonathan Park

When I was in the Christchurch Library I came across a book called Science Fiction on TV. In the 378 page book there was one line about Doctor Who. Well not really about Doctor Who, but the Doctor's and Leela's clothes!!! This line said "Even though Dr Who [the Doctor was played by Tom Baker] can run around in his jumble of clothes Leela is confined to a washcloth." For God's sake I thought, a 378 page book about Sci-Fi on TV, published in England and Doctor Who is squashed into one line!

[image of Dalek]

The Thrust of Technology

This clipping comes from A Social History of England by A. Briggs, published by George Weidenfeld and Nicholson Ltd, 1983.

[image of Dalek and cat]

Daleks in the Garden
by Rochelle Thickpenny

Here is an exclusive photo to prove the theory that not only gnomes live at the bottom of the garden, but very small Daleks too! They are really handy for stopping moggies polluting the garden, as Jessie my cat found out recently. They will even help flatten and lay waste to the lawn and zap weeds! Would I lie to you? (Don't answer that!)

[image of Dalek exterminating gnome]
[image of Doors]

The TARDIS Doors
by Fleur Hardman

These doors grace the entrance to the small animal section of Hilldale Zoo Park, Hamilton.

[Comic book frames]

by Jessica Smiler

This is from the comic book Excalibur by Marvel Comics. It contains the following characters: Professor Alistaire Stuart and his sister Brigadier Alysande Stuart, who is the commanding officer of WHO - the Weird Happenings Organisation. Naturally the entire comic is situated in Britain. Excalibur are actually a group of superheroes, the Brigadier is a very minor character, but the Professor, although not an official member and also sometimes known as 'Doctor', is important.

I Believe in Batman
by Jo & Murray Cramp

I Believe in Batman
Words by Sydney Carter; Music: Traditional, arranged by Donald Swann
I believe in Batman
I believe in Batman
I believe in Batman
And good old Doctor Who.

[Health Poster]

Health Poster
by Paul Sinkovich

[Video Howl-Around]

Video Howl-around
By Murray Cramp

Discovered in the Readers Digest How is it Done? Book, published in 1990 by Readers Digest Association Ltd.

This item appeared in TSV 26 (December 1991).

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