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Artwork printed in TSV 27

[The Greatest Show int he Galaxy] [Timewyrm: Exodus artwork] [Seventh Doctor and Ace artwork]
[Behind the Sofa]
(Warwick Gray)
[Sixth artwork] [Seventh Doctor artwork]
(Richard Larsen)
[Terileptil artwork] [Third Doctor artwork]
(Justin Grannall)
[Benton artwork]
(Jon Preddle)
[Jo Grant] [Cyberman artwork]
(Felicity Scoones)
[Second Doctor artwork]
(Brent White)
[Eight Doctors] [Fourth Doctor artwork]
(Julia Lloydd)
[Ace artwork] [Happiness Will Prevail artwork]
(Rochelle Thickpenny)
[Teror of the Autons artwork]
(David Ronayne)