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A Look at Cyberculture

By Jessica Smiler

As with the Daleks the Cybermen are often victimised in their attempts to spread peace, joy and musicality throughout the universe. Yes, it is true - the Cybermen are ardent singers!!! True, their melodic line could use a little brushing up but are you going to tell them that?

As with the Daleks the Cybermen find themselves attracted to the human race with its diverse sounds, karma, peace and tonal beauty (they are AC-DC fans). In fact in the future they are great fans of humanoid David Lister (3rd class technician on the ship Red Dwarf). They particularly enjoy his song 'Ohm' as it is the only one ever written in their key.

Now I will address their (ahem) 'obsession' with the destruction of 'The Doctor'. Whereas the Cybermen wished only to show him a command performance of the Three Tenors (the only ones who can hit the same note at the same time), Cybercas, Cybermingo and Pepperpotti (his father was a Dalek) the Doctor insulted their lyrics and blew up their ship. If he doesn't like songs about universal domination and the destruction of lesser races then at least he should have the decency to let others enjoy them in peace(s).

Before this the Doctor had two strikes against him already. The first being the rumoured team up between himself on his recorder, Jamie McCrimmon on back up bagpipes and the New Kids on the Block!!! And by far the most heinous musical crime in the universe is the high-pitched screaming of the pretty, half-witted bimbettes the Doctor favours as travelling companions. So its not surprising that the Cybermen never dared tangle with the Doctor while Mel was at his side!!!

This item appeared in TSV 27 (February 1992).