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By Paul and Felicity Scoones

To echo about 78 other people, it was great to go to DoctorCon and meet everyone! Congratulations to the Wellington Chapter on running a successful, enjoyable convention. Over Easter next year we will be running DoctorCon 3 in Auckland. If you have any suggestions for the con or you would like to run anything at it please write to me, I am always interested in new ideas, particularly for events. For those of you hooked on conventions like me the next general con is Discontinuity (Auckland) at Easter this year, and the one after that is Shakycon (Wellington) over Queen's Birthday weekend. Paul and I will definitely be attending both of those.

We have had a number of good artwork submissions this time around which have helped to brighten up the issue. Chris has also requested that we use some of them for Timestreams 4. Every issue we intend to concentrate on layout (i.e. making pages visually interesting rather than being just a scree of text) but usually we get to the end of an issue and realise it is not appreciably different from the one before. However I think for once I think we have succeeded. I particularly like the way Paul has presented Jon's UNIT article.

This issue features the last of Warwick Gray's covers. Warwick has been doing the TSV covers since issue 21, and has drawn each Doctor in turn. He has also drawn various other pieces for TSV, the seven page strip in issue 23 being of particular note. Warwick is now taking his talents to England and we wish him good luck in all his endeavours.


As I write this we are literally less than a couple of hours away from going to the printers. Panic? Don't know the meaning of the word, but if this editorial sounds rather less lucid than usual, it's because I've left it rather too late to provide you with a structured discourse.

Some how the time just seems to slip by so quickly - is it really more than a month since DoctorCon? I had a marvellous time there, and was very pleased to see a low-priced, hotel-less, guest-less convention being so successful. I thought though that people only really got into the swing of things on the second day - which is partly why we're making our convention at Easter next year three days instead of two.

You'll notice a number of changes this issue; some are the result of discussions between myself and Felicity (Chris having consigned himself to a fanzine editor's nightmare (Who am I to talk?), was unavailable for consultation); and others were suggestions made by the readers (perhaps you were one of them?) at DoctorCon, whom I cornered at opportune moments and pressed with the question "How can we improve TSV?" If you have a serious answer to that question, I'd really like to hear from you. We're always striving to make things that little bit better.

Hopefully the stiffer cover will make this issue more durable, and the catalogue might make it easier for you to order from our ever-expanding range. I can recommend the Timewyrm books - especially Revelation, and because I'm biased, I'll also put in a plug for my completely revised Listener Vol.1 - if you've got the first or second edition, I can tell you that this is a really very different and greatly improved zine - one I'm really quite proud of, in fact.

I know we said in TSV 26 that it was a Christmas bumper, well we've gone and bettered that for this issue (a New Year bumper issue, would you believe?). This is mainly due to our new policy of printing everything we get when we get it, but there were still a few items we've sadly had to hold over for TSV 28.

On the subject of contributions, could you please write on one side of the page when you send stuff in so we can divide things up for separate columns like Galactic Junkmail, Comments, Leisure Hive, etc - or better still write everything on separate pieces of paper, but do remember to name them all.

The clock's ticking, the page is running out. Must dash, and pray the stapler manages to fight its way through this chunky tome...


This item appeared in TSV 27 (February 1992).