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The Space Museum

A Collection of Doctor Who Oddities

Compiled by Felicity Fletcher

Non Compost Mentis
Submitted by Leigh Hendry and Clinton Spencer

Excerpt from an article about compost by Jim Kelly, in the Listener 27 January 1992:

Once home the bin was carried to the bottom of the garden and placed dramatically beside the bean fence, looking much like a Dalek that had lost its exterminator.

The Night Maze
Submitted by Jessica Smiler

Excerpt from a novel, The Night Maze by Annie Dalton (1989):

'At night it - it was like Doctor Who or something. As if all the old rules of time or space didn't mean anything once you were in here. There was music and voices and visions - a weird kind of procession through time. It was like a dream. But I know it wasn't one, honestly.'

Cats and Doctor Who
Submitted by Fleur Hardman

Excerpt from an article, Does Your Cat Watch TV? by Jane Kelly, in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly, 30 December 1991:

It seems many cats have "square eyes"... Roger Mugford adds philosophically: "It's better for a cat to be stuck at home in front of the telly, rather than out getting into a traffic accident." Amen to that, and for the first time since the end of Dr Who someone has come up with a good reason for having a telly.

Bruce Forsyth
Submitted by Phillip J Gray

A 1976 episode of Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game, broadcast in NZ on TV3 on 14 December 1991 featured the question "What Doctor does Tom Baker play on television?" The answer, judged correct, was "Doctor Who".

Sticky Moments
Submitted by Felicity Scoones

The comedy game show Sticky Moments starring Julian Clary featured a Doctor Who reference in the episode aired 22 February 1992 in New Zealand:

Julian Clary: What 'D' gave Doctor Who an awful lot of trouble?
Contestant: Daleks.
Julian Clary: His dentures. They fell out every time his TARDIS took off.

Submitted by Iain Stewart

A short multi-choice competition quiz appeared in a 1991 issue of the heavy metal music magazine, Kerrang. Question 3 was:

3. Daleks have heads made of:
(a) metal
(b) Plywood
(c) Some extra scary alloy found only on planet Skaro?

This item appeared in TSV 27 (February 1992).

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