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By Paul and Felicity Scoones

Welcome to the italics issue! We've got a new font for the typewriter, and may have gotten a bit carried away with it.

This issue sees the start of NEWSF, a news-sheet on media science fiction other than Doctor Who, prepared by Jon Preddle. Readers indicated before that they did not wish to see non-Doctor Who content in TSV, but there are interesting things happening in the wider world of SF. So assuming that fans are not completely myopic about the programme, we came up with this compromise. Please let us know what you think of it.

In TSV 27 I wrote an article on preparing artwork for TSV. It illustrated how pencil drawings photocopy too pale, or else the white comes out grey. I cringed when we got the issue back from the printers - my illustration which was truly a grey photocopy has come out with the whites white and the blacks black! Having explained this, please still send artwork done in pen - we don't want to risk the appearance of the issue.

It's now four weeks until Shakycon, the National Science Fiction Convention. Paul and I will be flying down to Wellington for it, and I recommend attending it to anyone who lives in the area if you are at all interested in SF outside of Doctor Who. If not... see you at DoctorCon '93!


Life has these little ironies. Our new cover artist, Kerrin 'Reginald' Jones delivers this brilliant illustration of a marauding Axon months before the deadline and what happens? TVNZ decides not to show The Claws of Axos at the time at which it would have very nicely tied in with the release of this issue. Oh well, we've gone ahead anyway - and included the Story Files as well in the slight hope that Doctor Who returns before we do.

At the middle of this issue you'll find an index for last year's issues of TSV. I wasn't sure if this was worth doing, but most readers I asked said they thought it was a good idea; besides which even I have trouble finding things in TSV so I know I'll be using it!

Something I've been intending to do for a while now is to thank a few of the people who help out with TSV and the club in general. It's easy to forget in this profit-motive driven world that such things as TSV are non-profit ventures, which means that we don't get paid for the mammoth amount of time we put into each issue, processing orders, writing letters, etc. Myself and Felicity get a fair amount of exposure through TSV, but what about the others?

Take Chris Mander. Chris does so many zines all at once that I've lost count - and they're not all for the NZDWFC either. On top of this he has a fulltime job, yet just about everything you see laser-printed in this issue was printed out by him, and a fair portion of it was also typed into a computer by Chris too. Every issue he does the letters pages - often at very short notice and under pressure - and also produces the titles for each article, which give TSV a very professional look, in my view. On top of that, Chris also continually updates the membership files on his computer, and uses these to print out the mailing labels that appear on the front of the envelopes.

And then there's Jon Preddle. What would TSV be without Jon? Have you ever bothered to sit down and work out exactly how much he writes for each issue? Fortunately, he recently invested in a computer, so he now delivers his articles on disk, and Chris laser-prints them for the issue.

There are many others who help out with both TSV and the NZDWFC too numerous too mention here, but thank you all anyway, and please, keep writing and drawing stuff for TSV.

Thanks in particular to David Bishop, who provided us with this issue's exclusive interview with New Adventures novelist Paul Cornell. Check out our second exclusive interview this issue as well, with David Halliwell (who?), thanks to Jon Preddle - again!

The show must go on! Icky, icky, hedgehog...


This item appeared in TSV 28 (April 1992).