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Glory of the Daleks

By Christopher Owen (TSV Books)

Book review by Felicity Scoones

Glory of the Daleks is much more than just a story about Daleks. It is an original Doctor Who novella (32 pages) featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Arriving in England, 1901, they find themselves investigating some mysterious disappearances but of course all is not what is seems...

The novella integrates several settings, mystery, a variety of characters, both new and familiar and plenty of high speed action. This results in an interesting and well paced read.

Glory of the Daleks is loosely sprinkled with continuity references to past stories. These serve to add colour to the story and also manage to avoid seeming contrived. Having said that I also believe that Glory of the Daleks could be understood and enjoyed without specific knowledge of the earlier stories referred to, although an understanding of the programme in general would still be necessary. In this respect Glory of the Daleks succeeds in what the New Adventures novels are trying to do; it is most definitely a Doctor Who story but would appeal to more than just a die hard fan.

Ace and the Doctor are not strongly characterized but they are presented in a way that is entirely consistent with their portrayal on the programme. There is even some character development where we learn a few new things about them. Again, consistency with the programme is maintained.

The thing I like best about Glory of the Daleks is the atmosphere. To me it really captures the feel of a good Doctor Who story; there is the sense of a lot happening quickly against a rich background reminiscent of some of the (comparatively) higher budget Tom Baker stories. It is the sort of story one enjoys being in the middle of, rather than only wanting to find out what happens in the end. Amongst all this the Daleks offer a sinister counterpoint. I do not hesitate to recommend Glory of the Daleks to all people who enjoy Doctor Who.

This item appeared in TSV 28 (April 1992).

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