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Timewyrm: Revelation

By Paul Cornell

Book review by Cameron Pritchard

Timewyrm: Revelation is a brilliant novel. Paul Cornell is an excellent writer and I'm looking forward to reading his next New Adventures novel Love and War. Chad Boyle is a good character and I hope Paul Cornell brings him back in another story. It's good to see the Timewyrm playing quite a major part in this story, I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for Hemmings when he was destroyed. I recommend

Timewyrm: Revelation is pure enjoyment, and for those people who like books that are hard to put down Revelation is a book for you.

Book review by Jon Preddle

Not as good as I'd thought it would be. Parts were exceptionally well written but some sequences were rather confusing. The final chapter seemed rushed as if Cornell had to fit twenty pages worth of explanation into only two.

Book review by Clinton Spencer

To tell the truth I was expecting so much from this book. Paul Scoones' comments on it, the DWM review and it being entered in the Arthur C. Clarke Award made me believe we had another Remembrance of the Daleks on our hands...

As soon as I received it I ripped into it. Sixty odd pages later I was amazed. This story is unbelievable! What is going on? Astronauts bouncing around kidnapping Ace, people dissolving in dust, Ace going through a world after she has died... This book is brilliant! Then something bad happened. The book became too surreal even for me. I became confused, lost and was finding it easy to put down and not pick up. Luckily I hung on, slowly reading a chapter at a time and the pace began to improve. Soon I was once again wrapped up with the adventure, wondering what would happen on the next page. Finally I reached the end, rather confused. How could the mind of the Timewyrm be transferred into the mind of a baby? Just one of many questions. I eventually decided to reread the book and have begun doing so. Already I have picked up bits that I missed the first time and am a lot less confused.

In conclusion if you've, got a whole day to spare read the book from start to finish as this novel isn't one that you can read a few pages of, put down, read a bit later and so on. Overall I prefer Exodus of all the Timewyrm books but on the finishing of my rereading of Revelation that opinion may well change...

This item appeared in TSV 28 (April 1992).

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