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Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible

By Marc Platt

Book review by Jon Preddle

It is always difficult to review a book that won't be read by many of you for a few months yet, without giving away its plot twists. Like Revelation, the surprise twists in this story are an important element that shouldn't be ruined by being mentioned here.

Marc Platt's third offering to Doctor Who literature is, without doubt, his best. Based on an idea he had once submitted to JNT for the Sixth Doctor and Peri, Platt has woven an intricate adventure which will leave many scratching their heads. This adventure involves Time, SARDITs, cats, giant slug-like creatures, two Aces, Banshee Circuits, Gallifrey and Rassilon. The sequences featuring Rassilon and the early Gallifreyans I found rather dull. Although the concept of the Pythia is new and innovative, these passages just seemed bland and lifeless for my tastes.

Unlike some of the other books in the New Adventures series, continuity has not been rammed down our throats, and has only been included because it has been absolutely necessary for it to be there. Platt's witty reference to Adric's contribution to the series is quite brilliant.

Time's Crucible is an excellent, but confusing, start to the Cat's Cradle trilogy of books, and this new series looks set to be more akin to the style of Doctor Who that I have wanted to see for a long time.

At 275 pages it is the longest book to date, and has proven to be the most adult (after Revelation). Do yourself a favour and buy it...

This item appeared in TSV 28 (April 1992).

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